Dave Chappelle, Shane Gillis Team Up For Hilarious Donald Trump Bit

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Dave Chappelle and Shane Gillis joined forces to give the internet an incredible clip about Donald Trump.

A video of the pair started going viral Monday morning, and it’s dated as having been from Saturday. It appears the two were at the Comedy Cellar in NYC, but it’s hard to say for sure.

What we do know for sure is Shane Gillis teaming up with Dave Chappelle was content gold. The legendary comedian asked Gillis to do his bit about how Donald Trump would react to an assassination attempt, and it was comedy gold.

Shane Gillis goes viral with hilarious Trump bit. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Clusterfest)

“He’d be in the middle of a speech talking sh*t, ‘You’re gay!’ [Trump impression] The shooter would be coming at him and he’d be like, ‘Sit down! Get out! What a loser! Get down! Sit down,'” Gillis told the audience, who clearly was enjoying it, when joking about what an assassin trying to take down Trump might look like.

He also threw a jab at Biden at the end. Check out the clip, which is a joke he’s done before, below. It’s hilarious.

Shane Gillis and Dave Chappelle remind people it’s okay to laugh.

The internet needs more clips like this one. It’s a great reminder that jokes should be incredibly funny, edge and push the envelope.

Unfortunately, we now live in a time where the woke mob has tried to kill comedy. You might lose your job if you laugh at the wrong joke. It’s absolutely insane, and it must stop. How do we get it to stop? It’s pretty simple. It stops when people refuse to care.

If something is funny, laugh at it. If it brings a smile to your face, enjoy it. It’s shockingly simple. And yes, that means even politicians you like can be the butt of a joke. There’s no doubt plenty of Trump fans found this Gillis bit hilarious. His impression of the 45th President is spot on.

Shane Gillis and Dave Chappelle team up for hilarious Donald Trump bit. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Gillis is an absolutely hysterical comedian.

Everyone knows Dave Chappelle is the GOAT. There’s no need to sing his praises at this point. His status is well-known.

Shane Gillis has become very popular, but it’s a shame he’s not even more well-known. He was fired from “Saturday Night Live” shortly after being hired because people flipped out over jokes on his podcast they found offensive.

Let me be crystal clear: Shane Gillis’ podcast with Matt McCusker is laugh-out-loud funny. Those two dudes take no prisoners and turn historical events into great comedy bits.

Never be afraid to laugh, enjoy stuff that is funny and embrace great comedians. Props to Chappelle and Gillis for giving the internet a very entertaining clip. That’s what the web wants to see!

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