Daughter Sobs After Hearing Parents Have Sex, Order Pizza

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Sex followed by pizza sounds like the perfect date night. Unless those partaking are your parents and it sounds as if your mom’s in pain.

That was the experience a six-year-old Arizona girl had when her ears caught wind of mom and dad doing the nasty. And like any good parents, the postcoital couple filmed their daughter’s reaction for TikTok.

39 million views later, Matt and Jayci Underwood’s sex life, eating habits and their daughter’s tearful concern have gone viral.


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“I heard you screaming, and I wanted to know what’s wrong,” the Underwood’s daughter says via Jayce’s TikTok. “But no one was answering me.”

Take a hint, kid!

Mom Jayci quickly responds by telling her daughter she’s sorry, the door was closed and she didn’t hear her.

Through tears, the six-year-old explains that she heard screaming and thought her mom had been “hurt or something.”

(Let this be a note to the neighborhood husbands, hide your wives when Matt’s around)

Couple Laughs Off Sex, Orders Pizza

What makes the retelling of the story even funnier, is that Jayci’s TikTok handle is @part.time.milf.

Sometimes the stories write themselves!

Jayci wasted little time assuring the couple’s daughter that she wasn’t hurt. “Oh, no, I’m not hurt,” insisted Jayci. “I’m sorry that I scared you.”

Now before you storm down to city council to cancel these horny parents, it should be noted that whenever their daughter speaks within the TikTok, the screen is black. Her face is never shown and her name is not mentioned.

These hornballs have class! And an appetite…

“I also heard you ordering pizza,” adds the daughter.

Listen, I’m no swinger, but if I was, I’d have to give serious thought about moving to The Grand Canyon State for some hip thrusts and a large pepperoni pie.

Jayci and Matt Underwood were heard having sex then ordering pizza. Photo c/o @part.time.milf TikTok

Jayci addressed her and Matt’s awkward intimate moment on Today.com, saying: “Do I think that kids should be used as content? Absolutely not. And do I think that you should pick up your phone and record your child in a distressed moment? Absolutely not. But the reason I decided to post this was because I knew it would be so relatable and funny to adults.”

She’s not wrong.

Later, Jayci noted what it was that proceeded her daughter’s curiosity. “We did a stay-at-home date night. The kids go to bed early,” Jayci told TODAY.com. “We played a couple of games, we watched a movie and then we were intimate.”

Game. Set. Match.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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