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Data Once Again Shows That COVID Fear Among Kids Is Overblown

Over a year’s worth of data on the effects of COVID on various demographics has been lost on or ignored by school boards and teachers unions. Those who fight to impose mask mandates on children and stand against dropping the restrictions have shifted their arguments to political theater — focusing on the minute group of kids affected by COVID, while ignoring Americans’ plea for a post-virus society. Using children as political props, proponents of restrictions have stated that the threat of COVID is far too great to allow children to return to normalcy. And once again, they make no mention of the data. Daily Caller reporter Andrew Kerr shared eye-opening numbers on the mortality rate of children related to COVID in the past year. The data states that out of 40,396 mortalities among children (11 and under) since the start of 2020, fewer than 200 total cases were solely due to COVID. That’s less than “half of one percent” of all children who have died in the last year and a half, per the numbers. 40,396 kids aged 0 to 11 have died in the United States since Jan. 1, 2020.Of that, 197 — not even half of one percent — […]



Written by Alejandro Avila

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