Darren Rovell’s Ticket Obsession Has Officially Gone Too Far Now That He Has Andy Reid Punt-Pass-Kick Game

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If you get into the weeds collecting anything, you’re bound to pick up a few pieces that will fail to register for most people. Sports business reporter and ticket collector extraordinaire Darren Rovell showed off just such a piece.

Think for a moment about what could possibly be a Darren Rovell Holy Grail. Given his track record, it would have to be something that no one except him would find interesting, let alone worthy of buying and tweeting a picture of.

That would be correct.

The latest addition to his collection is a photographer’s credential for the December 13, 1971 Rams-Redskins game during which a 13-year-old Andy Reid competed in the punt-pass-kick competition.


This Was Wildly On-Brand For Rovell

Obviously, if you read the headline you knew what the answer is, but I feel like you would’ve had to guess what ticket Rovell picked up, “Andy Reid’s Punt-Pass-Kick game” would’ve come up sooner than you think.

It would’ve gone something like this:

“Uh… was it the game where Dan Dierdorf blew his knee out against the Giants in ’79? No… well, then I’m guessing it has to be the Andy Reid Punt-Pass-Kick game.”

It might be the most Darren Rovell piece of memorabilia in existence. Something not even Andy Reid would care about more than going “Hm… how about that?” if he showed it to him.

Even if there was another person interested in it, Rovell isn’t parting with it.

Believe it or not — and against all odds — others were pretty jazzed about Rovell’s find.

Others — we’ll call them “most people” — thought this whole thing was odd.

While others still wanted to split hairs over whether this even counted as a ticket.

Wherever you may personally stand, there’s no denying that this is on-brand for Rovell. We can only wait to see what he tops this piece with.

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