Darius Slayton Trolls Cardinals For Trolling Daniel Jones With Schedule Announcement

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New York Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton hit back at the Arizona Cardinals for throwing some shade at Giants QB Daniel Jones.

To quote a tearful Terrell Owens, “That’s my quarterback…”

Lots of NFL teams got creative with their schedule releases this year. Some — were hilariously funny, like the one the Titans put out. Others, well, others could’ve saved some time and just dropped the schedule in a graphic on Twitter and called it a day.

The Cardinals had a pretty decent reveal in which they essentially put out a playlist with each song on it mocking one of their opponents.

You get the idea.

Well, the Cardinals host the Giants in Week 2, and to tease that matchup they tweeted this:

Not the funniest one they come up with, but certainly not the worst. However, Darius Slayton did not find this funny at all.

The Giants wideout took it upon himself hit back at the Cardinals. He even borrowed their format of making fun of teams with songs… even if he put the pictures in backward.

Got ’em. I that’s not good for a few more targets this season, then I don’t know what is.

While the Giants do have some rings, Slayton and Jones do not. That’s okay, I think this still works as a slam at the organizational level.

In fairness to the Cardinals. they do have a pair of championships, just not Super Bowl ones… from back when the team was in Chicago.

So, yeah. It’s been a while. I’m not even sure if they were giving out rings in 1925 or 1947.

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