Boxer Claims She Accidentally Flashed Her Bare Chest To The Crowd: ‘My T*ts Are Out’

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Daniella Hemsley wants people to believe she didn’t purposely expose her bare breasts to fans after a recent boxing match.

It was all a simple accident because of a wardrobe malfunction.

Hemsley beat Aleksandra “Ms.Danielka” Daniel in the loser’s bracket of the Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament over the weekend and she celebrated the boxing victory by taking her top off and flashing the crowd. We won’t post the video here, but it immediately went viral.

Daniella Hemsley claims flashing incident was an accident.

Well, Hemsley is now claiming the only reason she flashed anyone is because her nipple coverings came off in her bra.

“I have the funniest story to tell you guys about that. I’m in the dressing room before my fight. I’m stickering up, guys. Like, I actually had flame nipple stickers. I’ll insert them right here [flashes photo of the nipple coverings] that I intended to wear. Before my post-fight celebration, I was only gonna pull my top up if I won. With my flames, you know, because you know ‘girl on fire, girls on fire’ sorts of vibes. I won my fight, I pull my top up and the stickers got stuck in my bra so the whole world saw my tits. My tits are out. My tits were out to everyone. I mean, I’m sure most of you aren’t complaining,” Hemsley claimed in a video shared Wednesday on YouTube.

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The talented influencer and boxer also claims reports she is banned from further Kingpyn fights is complete nonsnese.

“I am not banned from Kingpyn. I have simply decided to take a few weeks off from training to recover, recover my body and I plan on coming back to fight again, hopefully in the winter,” the rising boxing star added.

You can watch her full comments below.

Will anyone believe Hemsley’s excuse?

While it’s impossible to know whether or not Hemsley is telling the truth – I’m very skeptical of this version of events – there is an easy way to avoid flashing the crowd.

Don’t even attempt to do it at all! Look how simple that is. Turns out if you leave your clothes completely on, you’re not going to risk exposing any part of your naked body. It’s shockingly simple, but it’s also true.

However, female fighters flashing the crowd has become a bit a new normal in the sport. Tai Emery infamously did it in the BKFC and there are plenty of other examples. It happens seemingly once a month at this point.

Going forward, perhaps Daniella Hemsley should save the flashing antics for a different time and place. Wardrobe malfunction or not, I’m not convinced anyone is buying this excuse.

However, it might not matter. She’s in the influencer game, and that means she wants attention. That’s one thing Daniella Hemsley is definitely not short on.

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