Danica Patrick’s 40th Birthday Party Looks Like A Blast

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While Dak Prescott’s girlfriend was busy celebrating her big 25th birthday on a yacht, retired race car driver Danica Patrick was on a boat of her own celebrating her dirty 40th with several of her girlfriends and not a man in sight.

Danica, who has had trouble with men since divorcing her husband in 2013, appeared to have no problem letting loose with her girlfriends as they did shots and partied it up on a yacht.

Ladies, when in doubt, get the tequila out and rent out a yacht to party on. Nashville is played out. Vegas is a hassle. Do what Danica did for her 40th. Yank a pile of money out of your checking account and tell a yacht captain to do his thing. Meanwhile, the ladies will be busy partying their asses off.

Get it, Danica!

If anyone was due to unleash for her 40th birthday, it had to be Danica Patrick who went from a long, seemingly annoyed relationship with fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. where she’d just post workout videos from her home gym, to another annoying relationship with Aaron Rodgers that was seemingly a huge mess, to a relationship with some businessman named Carter that just dissolved earlier this year.

That’s three relationships AND a divorce since 2013.

Black out with your rack out hats! YES! / via Danica Patrick Instagram

via Danica Patrick Instagram

You’re damn right getting loose and doing shots was needed. And without knowing anything about Danica and her day-to-day life other than what she posts on Instagram, one has to guess that she feels much better about life after getting the crew together to party their asses off.

Folks, it’s needed.

You should actually be planning at least one party your ass off weekend per quarter and at least (ONE) party your ass off weekend per year where you’re not with your significant other. Now, I’m not talking jail. I’m talking waking up and walking out in the living room to relive it all with your crew as participants nurse hangovers.

Danica just had one of those trips.

Shots! Shots! Shots! / via Danica Patrick Instagram

Boats n Hoes shirts. Salted rims. Lick the rims. Shots. Black out with your rack out party hats. THIS is how it’s done. Get one of these trips on your schedule – NOW.

Congrats to Danica for letting loose. You needed it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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