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Remember, I’m not allowed to talk about the Lions, but you guys can definitely start talking about the Lions

Way back in 2022 MY Bengals got into the playoffs and everyone counted them out on the road in Tennessee. There’s no way they can stop Derrick Henry. The Bengals won. Then the Bengals had to go against the anointed one, Patrick Mahomes, in the AFC title game.

There’s ZERO chance the Bengals are going to win this game, this is going to be a huge blowout.

Then the Bengals won.

And then I want you to go back to March 2022 when Mark P. was down in the dumps about his Indiana Hoosiers who were looking like a dumpster fire. Mark sent in an email about how the end was near and he was losing his love of the game and for his Hoosiers.

IU makes a run to the Big Ten tournament semis, gets into the Big Dance, wins a play-in game and Mark P. was officially BACK.

I’m not going to talk about the Lions and the playoffs, but this week, the NFL will be talking about it. We’re about to get a Lions-Packers game — likely going to be the NBC Sunday Night game — with huge playoff implications. If the Packers win, they’re the No. 7 seed. If the Seahawks lose to the Rams, the Lions would be the No. 7 seed with a win over the Packers.

Again, I would like the record to reflect what I told my Lions text group friends on September 18.

NFL fans outside of Seattle should be rooting their asses off for the Rams and Baker Mayfield to beat Seattle in the late afternoon window. We NEED Lions-Packers as a playoff play-in game. We need the Screencaps community rallying around the long-suffering Lions fans who haven’t seen a playoff win since 1991.

All you need these days is a chip and a chair (the Lions currently have an 11% probability of making the playoffs). The 2022 playoffs proved it.

Hey Lions fans, have fun this week. Enjoy life a little bit. Remember, if MY Bengals could slay the demons of their past, so can the Lions. Try to be positive this week.

Let’s take a look at the playoff scenarios in the AFC for the 7th seed:

  • Patriots (8-8) clinch with: win at Bills OR Dolphins loss vs. Jets AND Steelers loss vs. Browns
  • Dolphins (8-8) clinch with: win vs. Jets AND Patriots loss at Bills
  • Steelers (8-8) clinch with: win vs. Browns AND Dolphins loss vs. Jets AND Patriots loss at Bills
  • Jaguars (8-8) clinch with: loss vs. Titans AND losses by Dolphins, Patriots and Steelers 


  • Packers (8-8) clinch with: win vs. Lions
  • Lions (8-8) clinch with: win at Green Bay AND Seahawks loss vs. Rams
  • Seahawks (8-8) clinch with: win vs. Rams AND Packers loss vs. Lions

For those of you who gamble, here’s something to remember in July when NFL win totals come out.

More NFL nuggets to drop on your text groups:

According to NFL’s research department:

With two games yet to be completed in Week 17, there have been 113 games decided by a touchdown (six points) or less and 191 games within one score (eight points) in the fourth quarter this season, both the most such games in a single season in NFL history.

Patrick Mahomes, who has 5,048 passing yards and 40 touchdown passes this season and had 5,097 passing yards with 50 touchdown passes in 2018, joins DREW BREES (five seasons) and TOM BRADY (two) as the only players in NFL history to total at least 5,000 passing yards in multiple seasons.

• Brady is the first player in NFL history to complete at least 30 passes in five consecutive games and the first player ever with at least 30 completions in 10 games within a single season.

Justin Fields has 1,143 rushing yards this season and surpassed MICHAEL VICK (1,039 rushing
yards in 2006) for the second-most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single season in NFL
history. Only LAMAR JACKSON (1,206 in 2019) has more.

And let’s end the Monday morning recap with this headline that was sent out this morning via NFL communications.

NFL question for Screencaps NFL experts

• Walt D. writes:

Watching the GB vs Vikings afternoon game and I have a question that is bugging me.  The Experts Nance and Romo didn’t comment on this, maybe SC experts can answer my question.

Scenario: GB went 3-out in their first possession deep in their territory  They punted from around their 25 and Minn blocked the punt.  GB picked up the blocked punt around their 10 and in the bedlam they were tackled around the three.  First and goal Minn.  My question: Wouldn’t the smart play be for GB to run it into the end zone and take a safety?  2 points is much better than 7, and as it turned out GB forced a FG from Minn.  So they gave up 3 instead of 2 for the safety.  Never good to just give up points, but if you have to give up the minimum – a safety.


Go ahead and chew on that one while watching Tulane-USC and fire off a response for Walt.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

Rate Jason’s grazing board item selection

• Jason S. writes:

I hope you and your had a great holiday season. My sister in law gave me a sweet grazing board for Christmas. I test-drove that puppy today.

Peach Bowl

• Tom S. writes:

How many Ohio State Fans bet that kick would be good at midnight? My prayer was answered and he missed. Go Dawgs!


New year, new me. I’ve moved on.

BTW, I expected way more Dawgs fans to come at me after that victory. The inbox wasn’t nearly as busy as I figured it would be.


• Scott in SC writes:

OK I’m in realization that others aren’t as fortunate but wife bought screen and projector. Hanging outside in by fire pit Ridgeland, SC with kids spouses and in-laws after low country boil watching Peach Bowl.

Great games today! Will game end before midnight?

Up next…. bourbon and cigars. We are lucky and happy NYE to the SC community and on to 2023 and looking for SC to crush it. 


Trust me, I never want to go through the stress of a kick and the ball dropping in my house ever again. It wasn’t pleasant.

Anyway, new year, new me.

Announcers trying to announce names

• Tom W. in Menomonee Falls, WI writes:

Thanks and Happy New Year to you and the Screencaps family! I have just one comment regarding the mispronunciation of Tua Tagovailoa over the TV streams: Giannis Antetokounmpo of our favorite Milwaukee Bucks. The locals on Bally Sports never have a problem with the Greek Freak’s name, but the so-called experts on the alphabet networks don’t have a clue!

Yes, I know this is basketball, but the sport sustains us until baseball (and after another bitter playoff defeat for the Packers)!

Do prisons and hospitals use DirecTV?

• Ryan P. in Fallbrook, California writes:

I work for a medium-sized AV Integrator.  Most of our work is in the hospitality industry- restaurants, hotels and such.  They are all Commercial DirecTV clients, and are on the DirecTV for Business plan.

I don’t know if this applies to prisons and hospitals, but….

DirecTV and Amazon reached a distribution deal for Commercial clients, and TNF is available on DirecTV channel 9526.


Now I need to see which cable companies have the rights to the prison TV market. Are you a DirecTV salesman? Do you sell to the prisons? Let me know what’s going on here. Will prisons have Thursday Night Football to keep the prisons from losing their minds when Amazon, Google and Apple own all the NFL rights.

The McBasement

• Thanks to Mike T. for sending over this headline from the Wall Street Journal. I know what I’ll be reading here in 20 minutes when my day ends. Hey, it’s an official holiday for the OutKick office!


You damn well better believe I’ll be in my McBasement tonight enjoying my McSetup.

I need to go back and read the used car advice emails you guys sent, but I definitely remember many of you saying to wait until Q1 or Q2 of 2023

And that’s it. The first Screencaps of my 2023 is in the books. Enjoy the Rose Bowl and the Bills-Bengals game. I’m off to enjoy a quiet day cleaning up the house and getting 2023 started.

Oh, and I need to create Nerf dart targets in the garage for the boys to knock over. It’s a big Nerf target day in this house.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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