Police Pose For Epic Photo After Catching Escaped Killer Danelo Cavalcante

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Danelo Cavalcante is in police custody, and the officers who captured him didn’t pass up the opportunity to pose for an incredible photo.

The escaped killer had been on the run for two weeks after slipping out of Chester County Prison, and hundreds of law enforcement officers were hot on his tail searching for him.

Cavalcante, who is allegedly in the country illegally (a topic a lot of media seems not really interested in exploring), was finally nabbed alive in Pennsylvania by State police and U.S. Border Patrol teams, according to Fox News. It’s not known specifically where he was captured.

Escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante captured in Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

What we do know for sure is the officers posed for an incredible photo like they’d just nabbed a high-ranking terrorist.

Check out the incredible moment of cops kitted up in full tactical gear with weapons and night vision goggles.

Danelo Cavalcante taken into custody by the authorities.

The good guys ultimately won the day. It took a little time, but Danelo Cavalcante is back in handcuffs and in custody where he belongs.

He was convicted of stabbing an ex-girlfriend 38 times right in front of her children, and was sentenced to life in prison for the horrific murder. He’s also wanted in Brazil for the 2017 killing of a man, according to Fox News. When people talk about true evil, people like Danelo Cavalcante come to mind.

When you capture a man like that, it’s a reason to celebrate. That’s exactly what these cops did, and they did it looking like they were ready to pull off the Osama Bin Laden raid.

Danelo Cavalcante captured after massive manhunt. He was convicted of murdering an ex-girlfriend. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Now, I’m sure some people are going to freak out because cops posed for a photo with Danelo Cavalcante. Save the outrage for someone who cares.

The man murdered a woman in an absolutely brutal and horrifying fashion. He’s a violent criminal who led authorities on a wild chase for two weeks.

They didn’t brutalize him, do anything wrong, point weapons at him in the photo or anything else crazy. They simply posed with him. Here’s a newsflash, folks. The guys who caught Saddam Hussein did the exact same. It’s what people do after a long chase, and if that offends you, then continue to hide in your basement.

Danelo Cavalcante taken back into custody after massive manhunt. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Props to all the officers who brought Danelo Cavalcante back into custody. Now, he can spend the rest of his days behind bars where he belongs

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