Dan Snyder, Washington Football Team Executives Hit With New Round Of Explosive Allegations

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Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is the main target of a new round of explosive sexual misconduct allegations from 25 new women who’ve come forward to say they were subjected to sexual misconduct from Snyder and team executives, according to today’s Washington Post report.

A total of 42 women have now accused Snyder and team executives of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

Former Football Team cheerleader Tiffany Bacon Scourby claims that while working at a team charity boxing event, Snyder proposed she and team ophthalmologist Anthony “Tony” Roberts build a relationship.

“We have a hotel room,” Snyder said that 2004 night, according to Scourby. “Why don’t you and Tony go upstairs and get to know each other better?”

Scourby said she laughed sheepishly and waited for a laugh from Snyder that would indicate he was joking. He didn’t laugh, she said.

“Oh, I’m working. Have a great time,” Scourby said she told him before quickly walking back into the crowd.

Scourby told the Post Snyder “looked down on me.”

“Because he‘s powerful and our employer, he thinks he somehow has the right to say these things to us, to make these requests of us, and he doesn’t. It’s disgusting.”

There’s also a claim team broadcaster Larry Michael asked his staffers to make a “good bits” video of cheerleader outtakes from a 2008 bikini calendar shoot for Snyder. Former cheerleaders were made aware of the existence of an outtakes video that briefly shows exposed nipples.

As was the case in a previous Post report on Snyder and team executive allegations, women say it was an incredibly difficult place to work.

“It was like fresh meat to a pack of wolves every time a new pack of interns would come in,” one former female employee told the Post. “It was like a frat house, with men lined up in the lobby watching women walk in and out. You constantly felt there were eyes on you.”

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Perhaps knowing that he had no choice but to change the front office makeup as the Post kept reloading for future stories, Snyder has been busy hiring team president Jason Wright, who becomes the NFL’s first black team president. Wright has been out doing the media rounds trying to rebuild the team brand after a name change and a summer full of explosive stories aimed at the team owner. Snyder also hired Julie Donaldson as team broadcaster.

As for the allegations presented in the Post’s latest airing of D.C.’s dirty laundry, Snyder had no comment. Go read the Post’s full report – here.

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  1. 2004? If the work environment was bad, a normal person with diginity and pride would find another employer and not sell their soul and remain at the current work place and be subjected to a hostile work environment.

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