Dan Quinn is an Embarrassment

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The Atlanta Falcons lost again in pathetic fashion. With 6:21 to go, Atlanta held a 16-point lead over Chicago. With 0:00 to go, Atlanta lost to Chicago, 30-26.

How does that even add up?

The next minute Dan Quinn spends as a head coach is too long. Boot this guy before the Comey Rule‘s premiere at 9 p.m.

To put in context: Dan Quinn is a travesty. Last week against Dallas, his team blew a 20-0 lead in a game they led large late. Inexplicably, today was even more shameful.

Over the last 20 seasons, no team has blown multiple 15-point fourth-quarter leads in a single season. Makes sense, that’s hard to do. Yet, Dan Quinn’s crew just did it — in back-to-back weeks.

Statisticians should file a complaint. Quinn is making a mockery of their profession. When only 8 minutes remained, Atlanta had a 99.6% chance of winning.

If it weren’t for Matt Patricia, Quinn would be ashamed to show his face on Instagram.

Anyway, his ineptitude brings joy to the toxic cesspool known as Twitter. This is some A-level trolling:

This next one is good:

Dan Quinn is putrid.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. This is what Atlanta teams do. Georgia as well did something similar in 2017, choked their 20-3 3rd quarter lead on bama. Hawks were the #1 seed in the east in 2015 and got swept in the 2nd round by the Cleveland Lebrons, after getting pushed by the pathetic Nets in their first series. Atlanta be Atlanta’in.

  2. I don’t care enough to look it up…do they have a DC?
    If so, why hasn’t Quinn replaced him?
    Quinn was a good DC…but he had players.
    Not everybody is qualified to move up from OC or DC to HC. That’s not a difficult concept.
    And not everybody is capable of being a GM.
    Fire ’em all and let God sort ’em out.

  3. Unbelievable! The Falcons are now in the record book for worst loses in the second half. I have always liked Matt Ryan. It’s time for things to change in Atlanta. Matt Ryan is not the problem. He deserves a better coach. Quinn has to go. Now! Before preparation for next Sunday. From the Super Bowl collapse until now there is no indication that he can turn this team around. Incidentally, Watson deserves a better coach/GM in Houston as well. I’m a Steelers fan. I thought I should have been worried that Houston was going to come with everything they had. Apparently they did, and still lost. O’Brien does not look very good right now.

  4. Yeah my buddy is a long suffering Falcons fan. He has been on semi-boycott of them until Quinn is canned. Blowing a record lead in the Super Bowl should have put him on thin ice, so he should’ve been fired last year at the latest. He is going to end up going down as the worst coach in NFL history with a winning record😆

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