Matt Rhule Hits Dan Orlovsky With Vicious Clap Back After ESPN Analyst Claims Carolina Committed ‘Coaching Malpractice’

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Panthers head coach Matt Rhule is not a fan of Dan Orlovsky at the moment. The latter came at the former over his coaching, so the former clapped back at the latter with a vicious one-liner.

Earlier this week, Orlovsky went OFF about Carolina’s loss to the Giants last week. He attributed much of the team’s struggles to the play-calling.

By Orlovsky’s evaluation, the Panthers offense had an easy tell for defenses. The tape that he broke down appeared to show a certain formation gives clear indication that the play will be an RPO or a run. Another formation appeared to show that the play was going to be a pass.

To Orlovsky’s credit, which he doesn’t often deserve, the plays that he used as examples backed his argument. And he made it very clear that they were not cherry-picked to make his point.

The video, which went viral, saw north of one million views. Football fans everywhere watched Orlovsky pick apart the Carolina play-calling and claim “coaching malpractice” that should “tick off” the team’s fanbase.

Matt Rhule Responds To Dan Orlovsky
Matt Rhule doesn’t care what Dan Orlovsky thinks. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Among those who viewed Orlovsky’s breakdown was Rhule. He understood why the ESPN analyst was coming after his team, because it is currently 0-2, but disagreed with his assessment.

With a smirk on his face, Matt Rhule set Dan Orlovsky straight.

Rhule explained why his team lines up the way that it does and hit Orlovsky with a vicious clap back.

“If you’re saying they knew whether we were running or passing, how come we ran for 146 yards?”

While there was some truth to what Orlovsky was saying about how Christian McCaffrey lines up in the backfield, the way that he came after Carolina was incorrect. Rhule shut down his claims of “coaching malpractice” and did so with a smile on his face.

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