Dan Le Batard and ESPN To Part Ways [UPDATE]

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This report was co-authored by Bobby Burack and Ryan Glasspiegel.

Dan Le Batard and ESPN are discussing a buyout of the remainder of his contract, which has over a year left, sources tell OutKick. ESPN has begun to think about plans for what to do with his radio and TV slots in the event that the buyout is ever formalized.

As we’ve reported, sources say Bart Scott is a name to watch once Le Batard’s radio spot becomes available.

In November, we discussed how Le Batard’s time with ESPN was dwindling.

“The latest straw came last week when Chris Cote, one of Le Batard’s producers and an on-air contributor to the show he co-hosts with Jon “Stugotz” Weiner, was included in the 300 people laid off by ESPN. The network and its parent company Disney have been affected by cord-cutting and the pandemic.

“Le Batard views his tight-knit staff, including Cote, as family. Cote’s father, Greg Cote, is a regular contributor to the show, and wrote about his son’s job loss in the Miami Herald. The elder Cote was a mentor to Le Batard at the Herald, and Le Batard has known the younger Cote since he was a child. In every round of negotiations with ESPN, Le Batard has insisted that his staff be taken care of.

“Whether the layoff of Cote was an aggressive shot at Le Batard or if it was merely unfortunate collateral damage is uncertain. Le Batard has made no secret of his tension with ESPN Radio boss Norby Williamson, who is a unique 3+ decade survivor of ESPN’s corporate politics and who oversees the network’s daytime TV studio content”.

Le Batard ended up rehiring Cote as his personal assistant out of his own pocket.

We have reached out to Le Batard and ESPN for comment. We will update if we hear back.

UPDATE: ESPN and Le Batard officially announced that Le Batard is exiting the company in January, sending the following quotes:

“It was mutually agreed that it was best for both sides to move on to new opportunities and we worked together closely to make that possible,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president and executive editor. “We thank Dan for his many years and contributions to ESPN and wish him all the best going forward.”

Le Batard said, “Gracias to ESPN for unleashing Papi and Stugotz upon an unsuspecting America, and for lending its substantive credibility to our careening clown car. Can’t believe Stugotz finally achieved his dream of becoming a high-priced free agent. I’m forever indebted to Erik Rydholm, Matt Kelliher and their vibrant team for providing a creative oasis across a decade, and for expanding the Le Batard family to include so many brilliant colleagues who have become forever friends, bonded eternally by laughter and love. Want to also extend my gratitude to Chuck Salituro, Jimmy Pitaro, Traug Keller, Marcia Keegan, Connor Schell, Juan Diaz, Mike Foss, Amanda Gifford, Liam Chapman, Megan Judge, Elizabeth Fierman, the Hialeah-soaked crew at Imagina …and when did this become a droning acceptance speech instead of a quick goodbye? In short, thank you, Disney and ESPN, for a quarter century of absurd blessings. To our loyal army of concerned fans, and to everyone who walked along and played an instrument in our Marching Band to Nowhere, know that it is a very exciting time for us, not a sad one. And that you’ll be hearing our laughter again soon enough.”

In the lineup change, Mike Greenberg’s radio show will move to 10am ET and Bart Scott and Alan Hahn will host nationally at noon. ESPN says that Highly Questionable will remain on the air with contributors including Elle Duncan, Domonique Foxworth, Israel Gutierrez, Bomani Jones, Mina Kimes, Katie Nolan, Sarah Spain, Pablo Torre and Clinton Yates.

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  1. what a crock of shit. This was, by far, the best listen on ESPN Radio. If Stugotz and Le Batard don’t take their act elsewhere, this is a joke. I agree with ZERO of Le Batard’s politics, but that show was incredible. Terrible play by ESPN. ESPN has NO vision.

  2. I have heard great things about Dan personally — I know someone who he helped in his career — and by most accounts he is a great guy. That being said, I found his show unlistenable/unwatchable. Very little sports and too many private jokes. Not entertaining!

  3. Besides Doug Gotlieb on Foxsports, Max Kellerman is probably the worse sports personality on tv. That entire ESPN crew are all a bunch a weezles.

    The only person I liked on ESPN was Mike Golic Sr.

  4. Up until less than a year ago, and the half a decade leading up to then, Le Batard would opine on air incessantly how great they were and how ESPN was unstoppable. He’s also go on about how difficult it was to do a radio show, and always told those who criticized him should start their own radio show because in his mind they obviously couldn’t do it. Meanwhile he was oblivious to the podcast revolution happening all around him. Many of his critics WERE doing their own shows, and certainly supporting others doing them. This couldn’t have happened to a more insufferable, less self-aware, woke fool. To the podcast bin you go, Dan. Good luck distinguishing yourself without the crutch of ESPN choosing you as a “winner” beforehand going forward. You’ll need it.

  5. This just goes to show the woke brigade will eat its own. Doesn’t matter how woke you are. Oh but Disney and ESPN can pay for a show about a communist (Kaepernick) that likely will have a super low rating.

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