Dan Le Batard Asks Vince Wilfork About Wife He Divorced In World’s Most Awkward Radio Segment

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13-year NFL veteran Vince Wilfork joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Thursday. And to say things got awkward would be like describing the fall of FTX as a couple of checks bouncing.

If Le Batard was looking for great radio, he got it. Though, I doubt this how he and his overcrowded studio drew up.

Wilfork joined Le Batard to promote his tailgating show, but Le Batard was more interested in discussing Wilfork’s wife, Bianca. Actually, make that Wilfork’s now ex-wife, Bianca.

“I’ve always enjoyed the way that you talk about your wife and your relationship,” Le Batard said upon welcoming Wilfork to the show. “…I’ve always admired that about you. That you have no problems whatsoever professing your love.”

Enter Wilfork with a surprise for Le Batard and his team of…researchers.

“Well, the thing is, I have a new wife now. You know, me and Bianca didn’t make it,” Wilfork said.


Dan Le Batard Didn’t Know Vince Wilfork Divorced, Remarried

Within seconds of Wilfork’s news drop, the faces of Le Batard and his staff told the story of just how uncomfortable they were feeling.

We’re talking finding your mom’s thong in the laundry, kind-of-awkward.

(I’ve never done such a thing, but if I had, I probably would’ve put myself up for adoption. Love you mom!)

It’s not like Wilfork’s divorce and remarriage was still fresh. He and first wife Bianca called it quits a few years ago. And as Wilfork tells it, he remarried in October of 2020!

Someone needs to update Vince’s wikipedia page, stat!

Vince Wilfork caught Dan Le Batard and his show by surprise when he discussed his new marriage. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images).

Admitting That Was Awkward

To be fair to Le Batard, a noted reader of OutKick, he and his crew recognized the awkwardness. They quickly owned up to their error and laughed off the adjusted marital status of Wilfork along with their guest.

“Things just got a little awkward there,” said a smiling Stugotz. “Let me be the first on this show to congratulate you on the new wife.”

“Don’t feel awkward, buddy,” insisted a laughing Wilfork.

Le Batard then chimed in: “It’s much too late for that.”

On Friday afternoon, Le Batard relived what has been arguably sports radio’s most-awkward moment of 2023 when he appeared as a guest on The Dan Patrick Show.

After host Dan Patrick ribbed Le Batard and his crew for their easily-preventable error, Le Batard laughed through this remembrance of the awkwardness.

“Could’ve gone worse,” admitted Le Batard. “But only if he told me his wife passed away.”

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Written by Anthony Farris

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