Dan Campbell Gives Incredible Speech On ‘Hard Knocks’ After Losing Preseason Game

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Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell continues to pump out incredible content.

Another episode of “Hard Knocks” aired Tuesday night, and as expected, Campbell put on an absolute show.

The Lions lost their first preseason game of the season to the Falcons when backup quarterback David Blough fumbled with a couple minutes left. Atlanta would quickly score a touchdown to win the game 27-23.

ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN – JULY 27: David Blough #10 of the Detroit Lions throws a pass during the Detroit Lions Training Camp on July 27, 2022 in Allen Park, Michigan. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

In an attempt to get his point across, the electric coach for the Lions took some pants covered in white powder and used them as an example of needing to get rid of the garbage holding the Lions back.

“If we want to go where we want to go, we have to get all the rest of this f**king sh*t out of our stuff man. All of this dirt, everything that’s in our f**king jeans. This last bit of losing has to get out of here. The sh(t that f**king crushes us. That costs us a fu**king game. That costs you a season. Cost you the playoffs. Cost you a championship game. Costs you a Super Bowl. Like, that’s the sh*t sh*t we got to get out,” Campbell told the roster as they hung on his every word.

Whoever is responsible for the Detroit Lions and Dan Campbell being on Hard Knocks deserves a huge raise because it’s been awesome.

People had high expectations given the fact Campbell is entertaining, but he’s taken things to a whole different level.

Dan Campbell gives epic speech on “Hard Knocks.” (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

He gave a speech to a room full of adult men about getting rid of the dirt on them, and shook out an actual pair of pants to get his point across.

The man’s passion is evident and it’s clear how much he loves his squad. Are his tactics and methods a bit strange? Sure, but as he’ll tell you, Dan Campbell doesn’t care if people think he’s dumb.

Dan Campbell just wants to win and he wants his guys to have success.

Dan Campbell continues to be a content machine on “Hard Knocks.” (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

The Lions open the season in 18 days, and I can’t wait. Dan Campbell has the city of Detroit ready to roar.

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