Dan Bongino Crushes LeBron: ‘You are an Idiot, Coward, and a Chump’

LeBron James is embarrassing, divisive, and is tearing people further apart. The worst of LeBron was shown this week when he put a police officer — a hero, I might add — in danger in an attempt to spread more hate toward innocent police officers.

Just as shameful are the spineless puppets in sports media who wouldn’t dare utter a negative word about LeBron’s dishonest view of America. Thus, the reaction had to come from those who don’t cover sports. Insert Dan Bongino, who just crushed LeBron.


“You are just an idiot,” Bongino says to LeBron. “A coward, a chump. A piece of garbage.”

“I would say that right to your face, too,” Bongino goes on.

“You put this cop’s life in danger who saved the life of a young black woman from potentially being stabbed to death. And you put his picture out to 50 million people? You are a coward.

“Don’t give the NBA another dime of your money with this idiot there. Not a dime. The NBA, MLB, they hate you.”

Here’s what makes a good rant: when not a single point can be disputed. Like that one.

As I said earlier this week, though the officer saved a life, LeBron tweets out the full image of him to ensure no matter what events follow, this man will have a target on his back. Because of LeBron, the officer will never be able to walk in public safely again. You might ask, “What if he isn’t charged?” LeBron is one of the most influential individuals in the world. No matter what, millions of his fans will believe what he says. It takes just one, and LeBron just convinced millions with a lie.

How can anyone support this race-baiter? By the way, the NBA had no problem with LeBron endangering an officer online. Another OutKick writer and I have both reached out for comment — the NBA won’t respond. Its public relations offices know me too. They’ve called me for years. They are running.

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Related: OutKick first reported that Dan Bongino is moving to daily radio in Rush Limbaugh’s old time slot.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. At first I was thinking “Dan LeBatard” crushes LeBron…dumbfounded I was, briefly. Of course LeBatard would never call LeBron out…lol, what was i thinking.

  2. How anyone who is as upset by what this coward did can spend any of their money on :
    NBA admission tickets
    NBA gear

    just defies explanation.
    On a local level, county or state level, or even a national level, if any team or group of people or individuals that I support financially for entertainment value ever did something as egregious as this: My goodness. It would be an instantaneous action for me to cut them off completely.

    Just from a moral standpoint, regardless if it would effect them in the financial short term.
    Dan Bongino is right on the money.

  3. I grew up in Texas, went to college in San Antonio, the Spurs were my absolute favorite sports team. From Gervin to Robinson to Duncan, during that time Popovich was on a pedestal. Then he became woke, then got a massive case of TDS and it was too much for me. I quit watching the NBA and could give two fcks about it. I always thought the league did all it could to make LeBron into Jordan, unfortunately for them LeBron doesn’t have the smarts or charisma. All this woke stupidity just proves it. Also, all this crap falls at Adam Silver’s feet, Stern let Jordan know when enough was enough.

  4. Lebron has potential liability if anything happens to that officer. he better get religion and start praying. and go out of his way to appologize and something extra to protect that officer, who life already changed forever and he is 23 years old.

    the left in this country will lose, but they are going to wreck institutions like the NBA … forever.

  5. You would think that someone as rich as LJ is would be much smarter. It’s almost as if he wants the world to see how shallow and stupid he is. Just projecting his stupidity to the universe.

  6. The officer needs to hire a lawyer and sue LeBron James for half of China. This is getting absolutely out of control. We’re supposed to live in a country dictated by the rule of law not the mob. Outkick does an awesome job but they stop short of outright blaming this tragic outcome on the rhetoric not only from LeBron but from irresponsible local politicians and congressmen and senators that have created an unstable world where a teenage black girl needs to think that she has to have a knife. They’ve also created a world where she feels empowered for some ungodly reason to use it on another teenage girl. And dies for her actions which no one wants of course. This underlying cause is clear to anyone with sense.

  7. Every now and again, I’ll come across an NBA game or MLB game while i lm flipping through the channels. The sick feeling I get in my stomach is nothing I can put words to. I grew up on these sports, often had an indescribable excitement in anticipation of a big game . Sunday football was a like a religion. I adjusted my schedule to accommodate a game more times than I can count. I can honestly say I dont miss this shit one bit. These leagues and players can go fuck themselves

  8. Bongino is right on the money and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Whitlock is correct in stating that the NBA doesn’t care if it loses its American fan base as it makes most of its money from China. I just wish they’d move to China and get these spoiled, entitled, woke morons off this continent.

  9. LeBron is a man who has lived in a fantasy world since he was 12 years old. Surrounded by “yes” men and sycophants. No one has ever told him that he was anything less than perfect. He has made the terrible mistake of thinking that he is always the smartest person in the room, because everyone tells him so. None of that really mattered, until he became a race baiting grifter and started endangering the lives of innocent people. Now, his stupidity can potentially cause loss of life.

  10. Truly sad the opportunity Lebron has completely floundered. He could be a positive influence to some many young people that look up to him. He and his lack of education and the fact that he has always been surround by his sycophants never has allowed him to develop his intellect. He is just a dumb kid with a ton of money. Sad. Lost opportunities.

  11. The entire NBA is and has been a pile of garbage for several years now. NFL too. MLB, NCAA & Nascar right behind em. Very seriously perplexed as to how to get our sports back from the leftist tyrants.

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