Dallas Radio Host Sarcastically Wishes Injury Upon Christian McCaffrey, Apologizes

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A Dallas radio host, who also works as a reporter for the Dallas Cowboys, made some questionable comments seemingly wishing injury upon San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. He’s since apologized for his remarks about McCaffrey ahead of the Cowboys-49ers playoff matchup.

Bryan Broaddus and radio co-host Gavin Dawson were previewing the Dallas-San Francisco game on 105.3 in Dallas earlier in the week.

McAffrey and how well he’s been playing became a talking point, which is when Broaddus brought up the running back’s injury history and suggested him pulling a hamstring wouldn’t be a bad thing for the Cowboys.

“He’s healthy now,” Broaddus said about McCaffrey. “In Carolina, he couldn’t stay healthy. Now he never gets hurt.”

“We could use an injury. We really could,” Dawson added.

“Hamstring would be good,” Broaddus said.

While it’s clear the two were being sarcastic, Dawson was the one who said “we could use an injury,” but Broaddus was the one that took most of the flack on social media after the fact.

After receiving some harsh tweets from critics, Broaddus issued what you could call an apology.

This is a classic example of people overreacting online and I’d bet the vast majority of people criticizing Broaddus didn’t actually hear the clip. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment, which I get is sometimes hard to interpret through audio-only, but Broaddus isn’t new to the radio game, he certainly hasn’t made a career covering the Cowboys making legitimate calls for injuries of opposing players.


It’s a fact that McCaffrey couldn’t stay healthy during his time with the Carolina Panthers, and now he looks like he’s five years younger and untouchable since arriving in San Francisco.

That would have probably been better phrasing for Broaddus and Dawson to use, and they wouldn’t have been attacked by a mob on Twitter for their sarcasm.

Written by Mark Harris

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