Dallas Dems Who Fled To D.C. Ask For Care Packages, Including Dr. Pepper And Hairspray

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Mr. Smith might’ve gone to Washington, but did he remember to visit a Safeway first?

On Sunday, the Dallas Democrats who fled Texas and landed at the nation’s capital — in protest of a state voting bill — reached out on social media to announce that they need your help.

According to the group’s official Twitter account, the politicians are asking people to gather “Dr. Pepper, salsa, hard candy, hairspray” and other essentials crucial to their cause.


Leaving their state to fight back against the GOP-backed legislation, which they have called “the worst thing since the Civil War,” the Democrats have been stranded in luxury D.C. hotel rooms, currently kicking themselves for forgetting their favorite snacks.

After they brought COVID cases to Washington, their grotesque request for gorp displays a concerning lack of self-awareness.

OutKick’s Clay Travis chimed in on the tweet:

“The Democrats who abandoned Texas are asking for care package donations?! They are grown adults in Washington, DC refusing to do their taxpayer funded jobs. And they are surrounded by plenty of stores where they can buy whatever they want. Pathetic.”

Gone are the simple days when Dallas Democrats were more straightforward about their fundraising.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. My care package would include a dog turd to improve their breath, chap stick cuz when you are kissing Communist Democrat mooks butt holes you will get chap lips, some spray paint of any color to cover the yellow streak up their back, and a 2×4 across the forehead to improve their attitude. My work here is done. America Matters.

    • If you are wondering why so many people on the left are nearly psychotic with passion for ‘the cause’ it is because their lives don’t have any meaning outside of politics.

      In their eyes —> This cosmic battle between good and evil…. Where everyone they don’t like is HITLER! it’s Jim Crow! There is a white supremacist behind every bush !! If you can’t see him it’s because you aren’t looking hard enough🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

  2. Why do they want Dr. Pepper? I thought for sure it would be Coke. They can get it delivered by Amazon,too.
    They didn’t request Ben and Jerry’s? What about Starbucks? Someone needs to educate these people.

  3. They are in DC so I would think that the person to hit up there for their care packages would be Nancy Pelosi.
    I do believe that she must have a few extra bucks lying around after the bundle she made on that very lucky decision made by her hubby into buying that stock that is under government contract.

  4. From the pictures I’ve seen, they will come home to Texas when the buffets in DC are emptied. The only bigger embarrassment to us Texans is Dade Phelan, RINO Senate Speaker, who has refused to strip them of their committee chairmanships.

    • So true. They were giddy with excitement and wetting their panties at the thought of meeting Piglosi and being Civil Rights Heroes… too bad none of them actually read the text of the bill which makes it easier for everyone to vote. Jim Crow on Steroids, Jim Crow 2.0… so you’re saying Jim Crow laws weren’t that bad then? I wonder if MLK would agree?

      if you’re black and you’re not too dumb to be able to get a driver’s license or other ID card you ought to feel quite insulted at the patronizing from these Plantation owners… don’t be their prop, they are using you.

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