Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Get Their First Look At The 2022 Locker Room & They Lose It

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Tears of joy, like you see out of grown men when the NFL returns, were flowing this week when the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders laid eyes on their 2022 locker room for the first time. It’s been an arduous offseason for these ladies. Think about the journey they’ve been on.

There have been multiple rounds of tryouts. There have been emotional cuts where their friends have been told they’re not good enough to be 2022 Cowboys cheerleaders. There have been obstacles. There have been bikini calendar photoshoots. Emotions have been all over the place for months as these ladies prepared for the biggest moment of their cheerleading career and it all came down to the big reveal.

Think about how you’ll feel September 8 when the Bills and Rams get it on in Los Angeles. The emotions will pour out.

Remember, you’re not alone in your love for the NFL. Look at the reaction of these ladies for reaching the mountaintop:

Now the ladies have to wait until August 26 until their huge debut on the AT&T Stadium turf when the lowly Seahawks come to town for the lone home preseason game.

Enjoy your moment ladies, and then it’s back to work.

Thinking about the journey…thinking about the sacrifices…

Thinking of the TikTok series that can be made out of this job…

Thinking about how amazing this will look on Instagram…

All those extra hours in the gym finally paid off with a dream job…in 2018, a Cowboys cheerleader revealed during a court case that she never made more than $17,000 a season as a member of the squad.

Look at me now, haters.

“Team on three…..WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

Football IS BACK!

Written by Joe Kinsey

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