Dak Prescott Goes Under For 11 Hours To Get Tattoo; Jerry Jones: This Is ‘Why I Don’t Have A Tattoo’

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott spent nearly half a day under sedation at one point this offseason, but it wasn’t for any kind of medical procedure. It was to help him get through a marathon tattoo session.

There’s a lot of pressure on the Cowboys quarterback to lead the team on a successful postseason run this year. All that pressure has got to be taxing. Fortunately, he got at least 11 hours of pretty good rest while getting the intricate new ink this past spring.

The piece, which covers practically Prescott’s entire leg, features images and symbolism tied to his life and personal journey. A black mamba for Kobe Bryant is on there, Muhammad Ali makes an appearance, and the Jordan Jumpman logo is weaved in there, as are nods to the QB’s family.

I would have assumed that this was the kind of thing one has done with multiple trips to the tattoo shop. Dak wanted to rip the band-aid off and get it done in one fell swoop, so he quoted the Ramones and asked for sedatives.

“I did all this in one sitting,” Prescott told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “10 plus one day and the next day I went for a like two more hours. They came over on a Friday, ran over all the ideas, worked on them and printed them and came back the next day and laid them on my leg.”

According to the report, Prescott told Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy about his ink-getting exploits.

”I was like ‘whoa, what the … happen to your leg’,” McCarthy said. “So he shows it to me. I’m like ‘Jesus Christ, how long did that take? You’ve been doing it all week. He said, no, I did it all at one time.’ He showed me a video of it and like ‘Oh, my God.’”

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott and owner Jerry Jones. One has a lot of tattoos, the other doesn’t. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Jerry Jones Was Stunned By How Long Prescott Was Sedated

However, it must have slipped his mind to tell the guy who signs his paycheck, Jerry Jones.

Jones learned how long his franchise centerpiece was out for the count earlier this off-season only after a reporter narced on Prescott at training camp.

“I certainly didn’t know he was under for 10 hours,” Jones said upon hearing this tidbit of information. “Just so you’re clear, I had no idea about tattoos. I better get up to date on it. I had no idea that required that kind of sedation of any tattoo. It further explains to me why I don’t have a tattoo.”

Jones who — and this may shock you — is not a tattoo guy, said that what Prescott went through is yet another example of why he doesn’t have any ink of his own.

“I don’t have a comment,” Jones said. “My comment is it explains to me why I don’t do tattoos.”

Having your quarterback — who you pay $40 million — going under sedation for 10 hours or more at a time for a tattoo seems less than ideal.

Not even “less than ideal.” Probably completely not ideal.

Prescott has a lot of pressure to deal with as it is, and now, he may have inadvertently put himself under even more by not only going this route but also not letting Jones know ahead of time.

Oh, well. If he has a good enough season and finally gets the Cowboys over the hump, it will all be water under the bridge.

If not… well, in that case, it’s likely none of us would envy being Dak Prescott.

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