Dak Prescott’s Post-Loss Comments Worse Than Latest Playoff Failure

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Dak Prescott couldn’t bear to see fans throw things at his Dallas Cowboys teammates after yet another end-of-season disappointment.

But he was OK with fans throwing things at the officials?

Prescott admonished fans after they tossed debris onto the field after the Cowboys’ 23-17 home loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Wild Card Round. That is, until he learned that the items flying from the stands were actually directed at the refs.

“Credit to them, then,” Prescott said of fans throwing stuff at the officials.

What Prescott should’ve said is that fans should never throw anything onto the field — ever.

He also should’ve said that he could understand if fans were directing their anger at the favored Cowboys. The refs didn’t blow the game. Prescott and the Cowboys did. They especially blew it at the end, when things got desperate and the situation required some calmness under pressure.

“Prescott’s season came to an end after he decided to run the ball on a quarterback draw with 14 seconds left and no timeouts,” wrote Ryan Gaydos of Fox News. “He ran the play successfully but failed to get another play off to stop the clock. A debate brewed over whether the Cowboys’ play-calling at the end the of the game was inept or whether the NFL officials made a mistake by taking too long to officially spot the ball.”

And here’s some news for Prescott — some of the fans said that their ire was indeed directed at the Cowboys, as relayed by Jane Slater of the NFL Network.


Is that still OK with the Cowboys quarterback? Or should such fury be directed only toward people Prescott doesn’t like at the moment?

Sounds like a problem. It also sounds a lot like social media, which too often tell society, “Act however you wish, as long as you believe what I do.”

It also sounds as though Prescott is trying to shift the blame away from his own mediocre performance when the game mattered most. Truth is, the Cowboys are 1-3 in the playoffs with Prescott at QB. No wonder fans literally hurled their cookies.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. I’m never really one to say refs cost a team a game especially in today’s football where offenses run upwards of 65 plays a game. Don’t cry to me that one or two bad calls cost you a game. I haven’t watched a NFL game in two years but as a Saints fan I wasn’t mad at the refs for the no call in NFCCG against the Rams over the non PI call. I was mad at Sean Payton. It was complete ignorance throwing on that first down. Had the Saints simply ran 3 plays and kicked a FG the Rams get the ball back and Goff has to go the distance with basically 30 seconds and no time outs. The refs didn’t cost the Saints a super bowl appearance, Sean Payton did.

  2. Losers gonna lose…On the field and on the mic…It’s never their fault…And unfortunately that’s the culture for about half the country right now…It’s fantastic to be passionate about what you do, but when you fail, show grace. Congratulate the other team. Work to get better…Don’t blame others…Because when you blame someone else, you’ve convinced yourself you did nothing wrong…You’ll continue the same behavior, expect different results, leading you to insanity…

  3. I actually thought the refs gave the Cowboys plenty of extra chances in the last two minutes, on ticky tack calls. Then they overturned Deebo’s first down run, or that was ballgame. The refs were way too flag happy for a playoff game on both sides. 24 penalties??? Hey refs, the fans didn’t pay to watch you throw flags. There were some obvious stupid penalties but you can literally call holding on every play, or a block in the back on every return in the NFL if you want. Uh they did. Stop looking so hard, especially when the penalty had nothing to do with the outcome of play. It’s like having psychotic meter maids hunting for illegally parked cars as refs. Give it a rest so we can enjoy a game.

    I thing the 9ers deserved to win but the refs slowed the game down to a boring crawl throwing so many flags. You should NEVER see 20 flags thrown in a game and they threw 24. High 5.

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