Dad Learns His Daughter Is A Stripper, Cuts Off Her Car Payments: ‘AmITheA–hole’

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Reddit was buzzing over the weekend over a father who claims he cut off his daughter’s car payments because he learned she’s actually working a stripper pole.

User ‘LivingWitHorse’ says he’s 47 and has a 22-year-old daughter going to college and living on campus. “I agreed to help make her car payments since she was in school,” he writes.

Dad wants to know from the r/AmITheA–hole if he’s the one guilty of being the a–hole because he hit the nuclear bomb button and stopped helping her with her car payments due to her stripping job.

“I was recently informed by a young man I work with that my daughter strips at a club about 40 minutes away. I confronted her on this and she said she didn’t plan to do it after she graduated, and she needed some money. I told her then work at McDonalds, not use her body.

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“We got into an argument, and i asked her to quit stripping and get a decent job then. She refused and said stripping was easy money, so basically I said there was no need for me to pay her car payment anymore since she is making money so easily. She got upset and said that wasn’t fair, and that she doesn’t make enough for that. I told her to figure it out.

“She told my wife about what happened, and my wife is upset by her job of choice but says it’s unfair for me to stop supporting her so suddenly over an argument. I think it’s perfectly fair, it’s my money and my decision when to cut it off.”

Let’s dig in: Is the father an a–hole for cutting off his daughter’s car payments?

We need to know more here. How is the daughter spending the money she’s making at the strip club? What’s she driving? Is she paying car insurance which is rising? Is she doing fentanyl? Is she on target to graduate with honors? Barely graduate? What about an internship?

In other words, is she one of those rare strippers that has her life together? I know, I know, that’s like finding the end of a rainbow, but it does happen from time to time.

The Official OutKick Culture Department Ruling: Dad’s an a–hole here, but he’s a necessary a–hole.


Father and daughter are making business decisions. She’s old enough to make her own decisions and dad can make his own. The original business decision they made doesn’t work under current conditions and now there needs to be a reevaluation of the contract.

He thinks there should be a morality clause. She doesn’t.

She’s an adult and can make adult decisions.

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Now, what really needs to happen here is that the family needs to sit down, and figure out what’s really going on with the daughter and whether there needs to be some sort of intervention. Why not wait some tables? Bartend? I’m supposed to believe this college chick can’t make good money bartending in 2023? I don’t buy it.

In Nashville, according to Reddit, bartenders are making $300-500 for a basic shift and upwards of $700-900 for double shifts or special events.

We don’t know where Stripper Girl is living, but there are multiple reports around the country of people pulling down enough money bartending in one night to cover a car payment.

Stripper Girl can’t give up a couple of Fridays and Saturdays each month to pull shifts at hot spots?

I don’t believe it. She’s physically capable of swinging from a pole, but not capable of slinging $15 vodka Red Bulls?

Again, dad IS THE A–hole, but there needs to be a renegotiation of the contract because if dad loses his daughter to the stripper rabbit hole, it could lead to further issues. Let’s face it, she already chose stripping over slinging drinks. That’s a clear career escalation and she has a problem with this easy money thing.

What do you think, dads? How are you handling this one? Let me know.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Honest to God true story…. I went into a club one afternoon and my Niece was working the stage. I kept eye contact gave her $100 and said “admit nothing, deny everything. Call me tomorrow.” I left immediately. We agreed to stay silent as her mother and my wife wouldn’t want to know any of this. We still have that secret and will until we die.

  2. If she’s already into “the stripper life” this might push her further into … which could have tragic results. Was there anything in her “before” life to indicate she might try stripping? Dad doesn’t want to lose contact with her … she should understand why a Dad might object a daughter stripping? … Does Dad frequent strip culbs himself leering at other dads’ daughters ???

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