Dabo Swinney Calls Out Current Clemson Players For Lack Of National Championship In Fiery Pump-Up Speech

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Dabo Swinney is often the butt of the joke. The 53-year-old head football coach is frequently ridiculed by those in and around the sport for his goofiness or false preacher persona.

While some of the jeering may be warranted, it is impossible to deny the amount of success that Swinney has had since he took over the Tigers program in 2009. Clemson won four, nine and six games in his first three seasons and has not won less than 10 games since.

There have been multiple New Year’s Six bowl wins, four national championship appearances and two undefeated national titles. Last year was considered a “down year” that had the fanbase ready to show Swinney the door.

The Tigers won 11 games and the ACC!

Most teams in the country would sign the dotted line today for an 11-win season, but that simply will not fly in Clemson, South Carolina. Swinney has raised the program up to a level at which anything short of the College Football Playoff is unacceptable.

11-2 won’t cut it. An Orange Bowl loss won’t cut it.

Dabo Swinney expects to win it all.

While speaking to his team ahead of the 2023 season, Swinney made a very interesting point about expectations. Every recruiting class since 2013 has won a national title at Clemson. Every single one.

If the current team does not win a national championship, it would be the first in a decade that left school without a ring. The clock is ticking!

A behind-the-scenes look at one of Swinney’s preseason speeches offered a rare glimpse into the fiery side of the 15-year head coach. He got after his guys and lit a fire.

The public doesn’t often get to see Swinney in such a setting. It provides a new perspective to someone who gets a bad rep, partially warranted, and how he handles himself in the confines of his own building!

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