Curtain Closes On Warriors Dynasty

Total50 So this is how it ends for the Golden State Warriors. America’s NBA team, a team with a stroke of great fortune now befallen by streak of dumb luck. Kevin Durant comes. Durant tears his Achilles. Durant leaves. Klay Thompson asserts himself as one of the league’s all-time great shooters. Thompson tears his ACL. More

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Written by Sam Amico


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  1. WHOA there, Sam…
    Mark Jackson took “The City” from a .348 to a .622 winning…TEAM…in 3 years.
    Steve (“Punkasswhiteboy”) Kerr comes in like a king awaiting his coronation and vacuums up all the back-slapping worship and veneration from his throne.
    But you hardly mention him…just two words, “Coach Kerr”, in what, a 500-word obituary?
    Just amazing how our memories are not a vivid snapshot of history, just a blurry water color haphazardly slopped on a canvas and presented as “truth”.

  2. A couple years ago, the owner claimed the Warriors were light years ahead.
    My, how time flies.
    Turns out, they just got lucky on a couple of players.
    Arrogance won’t taste good at this year’s Thanksgiving table.

  3. Sissy boy Kerr can hold hands with the other white turd, Popovich and go around the country putting down cops and folks with their own skin color. Two major league hypocrite jerkoffs, those two.

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