Curt Schilling on College Baseball HR Prop Celebrations: ‘Are You Sh*tting Me?’

Should be Hall-of-Famer Curt Schilling took notice of Trey Wallace’s piece on the NCAA asking teams to restrict home run prop use in super regional celebrations.

Schilling had a few things to say about it exclusively here on OutKick.

He’s got an old-school solution to this new school issue. Caution, Curt’s language is PG-13. You can only watch it here on OutKick:

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  1. Agreed, there should be a limit to this new found idiocy with respect to celebrations in College baseball. The fan base is fine and healthy—particularly in the South and Southwest. So much of baseball’s appeal is in its nostalgia, it’s slice of Americana that only remains in certain areas—one of which is a baseball stadium. The appeal and resurgence will never be in next, newly found morons cussing out umps at age 18, or sledgehammering the dirt with “props”, or rainbow Jersey patches, or caps. That’s all unnecessary and only appeals to the worst parts of society—the white wokers.

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