Curt Schilling Joins Clay Travis for Explosive Interview

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Curt Schilling joined Clay Travis on Fox Sports Radio Wednesday morning to discuss the Baseball Hall of Fame voting results and Schilling’s decision to remove himself from consideration next year.

“I wanted it over,” Schilling starts, “I didn’t want to go through it again.”

Schilling says he made peace years ago with who the judges are and what they think: “You are talking about a group of people who are 85% white and 90% male — and they are lecturing me on diversity and racism.”

Both Clay and Schilling believe that Schilling would be in the Hall of Fame if he had never made any political statements.

“The hatred for President Trump and conservatives runs deep,” Schilling explained.

Clay then asked Schilling whether he would be a Hall of Famer if he were a Bernie Bro, a big Obama supporter, or a liberal. Schilling has no doubt.

Schilling makes clear that while there are great baseball writers, many are dirtbags.

“This is a group of people who voted for a pedophile in the writer’s wing of the Hall of Fame,” Schilling goes on, “they voted for a guy who molested his niece.” Schilling later calls him by name, Bill Conlin.

Schilling said baseball writers live with broken mirrors:

“You got 90% white, liberal college males standing in a clubhouse of players of every race, some don’t even have an 8th-grade education but are making $25 million a year. [The writers], who graduated from Harvard, are bitter.”

Schilling came with some ideas. He says if a player gets 90% of the vote that anyone not voting for that player should lose their ballot and that any writer who votes for a player who only gets one vote should also lose their ballot. “This way you cut away the fraud,” Schilling told Clay.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Go listen to Dan Patrick today interviewing Bob Costas. they beat down Schilling pretty good talking about all the reasons he should be in the HOF and no good reason not to be.

    -except dan and bob are democrats and think that more Americans agree with Joe Biden then Kurt Schilling.

    i think major American sports are collapsing. Sports writers are liberal generally and now they control the HOF for a sport?

    OJ is in the football hof. he killed two people horribly.

    Kurt Schilling loves America and says it, but he’s not pro-abortion, pro china and pro illegal immigrant, so he cannot be elected as an athlete to an athletic museum!?

    what are we doing to our country and why do people even listen to Bob or Dan? SMDH.

  2. Keeping Schilling out of the HOF is what the democrats do. It’s part of their master plan for absolute power. Cancel out anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Were in fucking trouble. Dana Perino said it best, “Biden seems like a normal guy (personality wise) that is putting forth really radical ideas. Whereas Trump was a maverick who put forth very American, rational ideas”.

  3. Joy And Colin Cowherd just threw Schilling under the bus. Joy mentions “yes Curt Schilling is a bad person”. Colin replies yeah. I think Colin did catch himself. I thought Curt backed Colin when Colin got into the controversy at ESPN. Maybe I’m wrong. I thought they got along quite well. I

  4. I got a lot of respect for Schilling…not so much which side of the political aisle he’s on…but the fact he stuck to his guns and pretty much pointed out some unpleasant truths…which is pretty much like garlic to most vampiric sports journalist. It unjustly cost him getting into the HOF based on his on field merits.

  5. Cowherd is a phony and a jerk who has his house for sale and I’m counting down the days until this prick gets out of my neighborhood! Joy has recently, filled in on Sat. mornings for Colin’s “bitch boy” Jason McIntyre, and spent three hours regurgitating everyone else in Sport’s Media’s takes. I’m sure he’s trying to “front” for her so he can stake a claim to her success!

    • Or he’s trying to make sure he sends her off on a positive note. I think there plenty of tension between Colin and Kristine toward the end. Kristine was interrupting Colin a lot and the whole Levar Ball thing got under her skin. I think the tension started when Kristin’s Dad wrote a book and Colin blew it off by not wanting to talk about it.

  6. As Clay agreed during the interview, if Schilling had been quiet about his political preferences or had shown support for Dems he would no doubt already be in the HOF. That is a sad statement, but it is reality. The left dominates Government, Academia, Big Tech, MSM, and Journalism. They will tell you what is right and if you don’t agree…FU.

    • Here’s the kicker, In the big world of journalism (news, sports, etc), sports journalists are seen the same as “TV” actors within the acting realm. News journalists are like movie screen actors, they are considered the cream of the crop and on a much higher pedestal. Many, not all, of course, sports journalists want to be “in with the big guys” so much, they will try to promote what they think “the big guys” would want to hear. Thinking, they will be accepted in “the big guy” realm. However, that is not the case. Most elitist news journalists see sports reporters just a step above Entertainment Tonight – People Magazine reporters. People, like Dan Lebatard, dream about one day people hearing his voice and seeing his interview on a Colin Kaepernick documentary. Thinking, that will place them in historical significance with the likes of Woodward and Berstein.

      • Steve and Dale, good points…..And Steve, I would even go so far as to say that not only is it FU if you don’t agree, but it is getting scarily close to the point where they can take your job, take your home, take your free speech, and if you dare disagree, they will label you a “domestic terrorist” (when I say take your job, I am referring to small businesses that have been lost due to covid shutdowns). I’m a conservative but one democratic who I agree with, and who I have been listening to, is Tulsi Gabbard. She came out saying that some of those in government are domestic terrorists.I agree with her on that point.

  7. Just another in a long and continuing line of polarizing moments for the country. There is no end to it. You can’t escape it. Find fellow like-minded people, hang together, move forward. Stand tall and never concede an inch to the Left. Welcome to neo-segregation.

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