‘SNL’ Refuses to Mention Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Cover-Up While Talking About Him

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In the same night that Saturday Night Live opened by crushing Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and former President Donald Trump — the sometimes funny late-night show refused to mention Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration covering up the number of nursing home deaths in New York.

Interestingly, SNL is so shameless that it actually did mention Cuomo in another segment for another reason. That reason? To compare him to Moe, the bartender in The Simpsons:

(Before we go on, did the segment make you laugh?)

There are three reasons that SNL would mention Cuomo two days after the bombshell report, knowing how it would look:

1) SNL thought lightly “mocking” Cuomo by comparing him to a cartoon would check off the box and be enough.

2) The writers only watch CNN — which covered the topic for a grand total of three minutes — and were unaware this report surfaced two days ago.

3) They were busy. I mean, these original jokes for Saturday’s cold open took some serious thinking:

By the way, how does a show spoof Tucker Carlson and get his opening line — “Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight” — so wrong? Weird.

I must say, while Andrew Cuomo is an inept governor, his ability to avoid negative coverage by CNN, NBC, SNL, the Washington Post, and MSNBC is next to masterful.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. SNL is no longer a comedy skit show, but a partisan political operation. I had to turn the channel 3 minutes into the opening…it was predictable, and it wasn’t funny. It will only become more pathetic when they completely ignore the inevitable Biden gaffes in favor of trashing those who oppose him.

  2. 35 years ago SNL was a leader in comedy, today they’re equivalent to a hole-in-the-wall in a small city club. Very little to no humor whatsoever with very bottom of the barrel writers. In other words…..shit

  3. i tried watching CBS at a bar without any sound and its like a lefty bubble program. i can tell without hearing, that its dem propoganda 24/7.

    SNL viewership is exclusive to LA and NYC as if its a high school drama class for liberals only.

    funny is funny. trevor noah is not funny. nothing on snl is funny.

    do they know what funny is? Biden is daily funny, but he is the potus … and no longer funny.

    snl didn’t make fun of Obama even once. not Once!!

  4. I like to say I’ll never watch the NBA again, but I fear that the Celtics will be deep in the playoffs someday, and I’ll want to watch.

    SNL, on the other hand, you couldn’t pay me to stomach. It’s just awful self absorbed far left coastal elite political lectures cut into in five minute snippets.

    Occasionally some liberal friend will pull up a sketch insisting it’s worth sharing, and I’ll be like “I get why this affirms you but you know it’s not actually humorous right?”

    You could honestly throw a laugh track over a Tucker monologue and it’d be equivalent: “Joe Biden doesn’t know what town he’s in” [hahahah]. “Beto’s never read the second amendment” [hahahah]. See?

    • The Celtics will be deep in the playoffs soon again, along with all the other “popular” teams, because the NBA rigs the playoffs. I can confidently say I am never watching NBA again no matter what script Adam silver and his China overlords write

  5. Haven’t watched it in 20 years. See a funny skit someone sends me about once a year. SNL writers and comedians are now nothing more than a bunch of B list leftist hacks who are so stupid they probably haven’t even heard that Cuomo is credibly guilty of manslaughter at minimum.

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