Little Brother Cuomo Refuses to Cover Big Cuomo Withholding Nursing Home Death Info

Hosting a primetime cable news show because you are the son of a former governor and the brother of a current governor isn’t an easy life. Sometimes you are forced to make tough decisions, like ignoring a bombshell report that puts your big brother in a bad light.

Thursday night, a few hours before primetime cable news went live, the New York Post reported that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and members of his administration withheld information on nursing home deaths so that the feds wouldn’t find out about them.

“Wait, what are you talking about?” CNN viewers will ask.

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing home death toll from COVID-19 — telling them ‘we froze’ out of fear that the true numbers would ‘be used against us’ by federal prosecutors,” The Post reports.

To most, this news regarding Big Brother Cuomo and his Emmy-award winning performance regarding COVID is an eye-opener and well worth a headline. The New York Times, AP and other major platforms agree and have reported the story. Yet for some reason, the story hasn’t made it to CNN’s signature primetime show, Cuomo Prime Time. (Great name for a show, by the way.)

Here’s the host:

You may counter and say, “well, maybe Cuomo Jr. — who lifts big weights that may or may not be real — doesn’t cover his brother.”

Oh but he does. In fact, Big Cuomo is a frequent guest on Cuomo Prime Time.

Per CNN transcripts, the non-weightlifting Cuomo has been interviewed on CNN at least 47 times since the beginning of March 2020, 10 of them by his brother.

It’s a good gig, if you can get it.

Gov. Cuomo even has his own nickname on the program, the “Love Gov.”

Cuomo the younger must have left his hard-hitting journalism days behind him. I mean, he was really swinging this summer, questioning COVID data from other governors:

We don’t know, but we do know that Florida’s AG has not accused Gov. DeSantis of doctoring any COVID numbers. However, the AG of NY has accused Gov. Cuomo of undercounting nursing home deaths by 50%. CNN viewers won’t get that reference since that story didn’t make its airwaves either. Luckily, I summed it up for them last month:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a disaster, but his incompetence may stretch beyond the level he has already shown. According to a 76-page report cited in the New York Times on Thursday, New York State Attorney General and fellow Democrat Letitia James has accused Cuomo and his administration of undercounting coronavirus-related deaths at nursing homes by as much as 50%.

In simple terms, Cuomo’s administration is accused of hiding the correct estimate of coronavirus-related nursing home deaths by counting only the deaths that occurred in nursing homes and not the patients who died after being transferred from nursing homes to the hospital. If this allegation is correct, the current tally of 8,500 nursing home deaths is substantially undercounted.

Again, 50%.

Since The Post‘s report came out, CNN has dedicated a total of 3 minutes to it. Maybe it’ll make the lede on this Sunday’s Reliable Sources?

Never change, Big Cuomo, Little Cuomo, and CNN.

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Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Cable news invented this kind of behavior. its why so many clinton officials quickly became media talking heads across all platforms. they could then ignore covering clinton coruption.

    being in a conflict of interest situation while holding a $million dollar tv contract, makes it easy to dodge controversy that is too close. The media simply ‘understands’ that one bro isn’t gonna investigate the other bro. the Cuomo crime family man.

    something similar also works with ignoring general controversy, because of bias like don lemon and anderson cooper. Neither could cover a race or sex or same sex parent controversy in an unbiased way, so they go Full Bias 24/7.

  2. There is a word for what CNN did.

    CNN kept the false narrative alive by omitting facts that would have countered it and by not asking questions that would have undermined the Democratic Party narrative.

    It isn’t just Crissy who did this. It was the entire network. Everyone of them needs to answer for this. But, I doubt the “Republicans” who are still on CNN will do this. If they had that type of integrity then they wouldn’t be working for CNN,.

    Remember this story next time Anderson Cooper starts calling every Republican a liar.

    CNN helped cover up the failure of NY and covid. That meant that the corrective action was delayed and people needlessly died.

    This is CNN

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