Zach Wilson's Ex Claims He Had Relationship With His Mom's Best Friend

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has had himself a busy offseason, his first in the NFL. Back in January, he and his then-girlfriend Abbey Gile appeared to have called it quits.

They did the whole Instagram scrub and everything.


In June, Wilson was spotted at a New York Yankees game with a new blonde, who was later identified as TikTok star Nicolette Dellanno. They appeared to be enjoying each other's company.

Fast forward to this weekend and some interesting information about what Wilson might have been up to that led to him to go from Gile to Dellanno. It all started with rumors about Wilson's ex, and his former best friend and BYU roommate Dax Milne.

Milne, a Washington Commanders wide receiver, is rumored to be in a relationship with Gile now and according to the rumors it cost him a friendship with Wilson. Someone commented on the rumor that Gile was a "homie hopper."

She said Wilson was the real homie hopper

Gile saw the comment and left one of her own. She called Wilson was the real homie hopper and claimed he was sleeping with his mom's best friend.

It's not known if that's the reason Wilson and Gile ended up breaking up or if the alleged relationship with his mom's best friend came after their split.

What is known is that Twitter was thoroughly entertained by the newly revealed gossip.

And just like that the legend of "Broadway Zach" is born

And just like that the legend of "Broadway Zach" is born. Who knew the quiet guy from BYU had this kind of offseason in him?

Wilson is preparing for a much-needed improvement on his 13-game performance as a rookie. He went 3-10 in those 13 games, missed time with an injury and threw for only 9 touchdowns to 11 interceptions.

Unfortunately, it looks like Gile has deactivated her Instagram account. Here's a look at his current girlfriend.