Zach Bryan Invites Fan To Rip Multiple Saxophone Solos At Concert After Meeting In Aspen Airport Without Ticket

Zach Bryan continues to be the coolest dude in country music. The 26-year-old Oklahoma-native continues to put his fans first, whether it be by attacking Ticketmaster, or letting a saxophone player he met at the airport join him on stage at his shows.

The latter occurred at Belly Up Aspen in Colorado on Sunday and Monday nights.

Zach Bryan is a man of the people!

Wynne Williams, a huge fan of Bryan's music, just so happened to stumble into one of his favorite artists at the Aspen airport. He went up to Bryan, asked for a picture, and told him that he wanted to go to his concert while in the area but that he couldn't get tickets.

Bryan, being the awesome guy that he is, said that he would make sure Williams could attend his show. But only on one condition.

He noticed that his young fan was carrying a saxophone in his hand.

The only way that Williams was allowed to attend the sold-out concert was if he joined Bryan and his band on stage. Obviously, the answer was an easy yes for Williams. It was no-brainer.

Sure enough, on Sunday night, Bryan told the story of how he met Williams before bringing him out to wail on his sax.

The crowd went absolutely bonkers as Williams ripped his brass.

If playing with Bryan on-stage wasn't cool enough, Williams got to play not one, not two, not three, but four solos. Insane!

And then, after Bryan insisted, Williams returned for night two.

Here is a snippet of their 'Revival' performance:

For Bryan to meet a random fan that plays saxophone in the airport — not knowing if he was any good — and throw him on stage for back-to-back shows is a pretty awesome move. He even made sure to tell Wynne's mom how much of a talent that he is.

Bryan, by all accounts, is an even better person than artist, and that says a lot considering his meteoric rise up the charts right now. Sunday and Monday's concerts are a testament to his character, and to Williams' talent. Pretty dang cool!!