'Your Honor' S.2 Is Off To An Incredibly Ominous Start

"Your Honor" season two started over the weekend, and as expected, the Bryan Cranston-led hit is as dark as ever.

When word first broke there'd be a second season, I think it's safe to say a lot of fans were surprised. The first season was perfectly wrapped up.

After all of Michael Desiato's (Cranston) actions to protect his son from mobster Jimmy Baxter, a cruel twist of fate ultimately made it all futile.

The entire theme of the show was you can't outrun your decisions, and the final moments perfectly put a bow on what was an incredible season of TV. Well, Showtime decided a second season was necessary and it premiered Sunday.

'Your Honor' season two starts with a chilling tone.

We all know "Your Honor" is a dark show. The entire premise is that an honorable judge must do dark things after his son accidentally hits Baxter's car with his vehicle.

From there, everything slowly unravels and the horrible decisions to mount.


Season two of "Your Honor" starts with Michael behind bars as a consequence for his decisions and actions in season one.

Honestly, it's not the smoothest of transitions. He's attempting to starve himself to death when given the chance to get out in order to help the feds bring down Baxter.

It's not a bad setup, but unfortunately, it's a bit rushed. However, the stakes are clear. Rot in prison or go against Baxter to save his own skin.

However, the most fascinating part is that Fia is revealed to have had a child with Adam prior to his untimely death.

Now, Michael Desiato and the Baxters are bound by blood thanks to a grandchild we didn't know about.

Even though I'm not sure we needed a second season of "Your Honor," it's off to a very solid start. It's every bit as dark and bleak as fans came to love in season one.

Also, Carlo is such a fun character. He wants to be a gangster so badly, but ultimately, it's just another spoiled dumbass. That's made clear from the jump.

You can catch "Your Honor" on Showtime. It remains to be seen if season two will match the greatness of season one, but so far, it's off to a strong start.

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