'Yellowstone' Star Reveals If He Knows The Show's Ending

Luke Grimes is being kept in the dark about how "Yellowstone" will end.

The season five midseason finale aired this past Sunday night, and now fans will have to sit and wait until summer for new episodes.

That will give viewers plenty of time to debate different theories and ideas about what might happen and how the show might end. While viewers might think they know how the legendary series with Kevin Costner will end, Grimes has no idea and is purposely being kept out of the loop.

Luke Grimes doesn't know how "Yellowstone" will end.

"No, I don't. Some of the cast know the end, some have been told, some haven't ... And I don't think Taylor wants me to know either," Grimes explained Tuesday night on Jimmy Fallon's show.

The man famous for playing the youngest Dutton said he enjoys filming without having any idea where the show is going because it's kind of like experiencing "life."

Grimes also added that ultimately, Kayce's journey comes down to whether or not he's willing to step up to save the ranch or not.

"That's kind of what we're all watching to find out," Grimes said.

What is the likely ending of the series?

As I'e said for a long time, there's really only one ending that makes sense. Everyone other than Tate, Monica and Kayce has to die.

It just has to happen. John and everyone riding off into the sunset makes no sense. It doesn't go with the themes of the show at all.

After all the carnage we've seen John bring, riding off with a happy ending would go against everything we know about Taylor Sheridan.

Most importantly, the base theme of the show is ultimately whether or not the Duttons or the Native Americans will win. With Tate eventually taking over, both sides win. Monica is Native American and married a Dutton. Kayce is obviously a Dutton. Tate is a Dutton and a Native American.

It makes too much sense. It simply has to happen.

Of course, we also know Taylor Sheridan is completely unpredictable. He could throw us all for a loop, but right now, that's my theory. It's been my theory for years, and I don't see it changing soon.

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