'Yellowstone' Star Makes Unexpected Comment About The Rest Of Season 5

Fans and the "Yellowstone" cast seem to know about the same amount of information about what's coming next.

The season five midseason finale recently aired, and as expected, the episode put up monster ratings. Now, fans have to sit and wait until this summer to get new episodes.

It seemed like the show was just taking a break to spread out the 14-episode season. However, it sounds like work hasn't even gotten underway on the rest of season five, according to star Kelly Reilly.

"I haven’t read a word yet. They keep it wrapped up so nobody makes a mistake and speaks to a nice journalist and spills the beans. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. When the scripts arrive the work begins," Reilly explained during an interview with IndieWire.

"Yellowstone" fans and cast members are in the dark.

Reilly's comments are very similar to what Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton, previously said. He made it clear he has no idea what's going to happen and doesn't want to.

Now, the woman famous for playing Beth Dutton has revealed they don't even have the scripts yet for the rest of season five.

When you think about it, the situation isn't incredibly shocking. "Game of Thrones" infamously went out of the way to avoid spoilers.

It now sounds like Taylor Sheridan and "Yellowstone" are doing the same. That apparently includes keeping the highly-paid members of the cast in the dark.

Season five gave fans a great midseason finale cliffhanger. Jamie and Beth are both ready to put hits out on each other. It's about time one dies. There's also rumors floating around there's a major twist coming up about Jamie's birth mother. If that rumor is true, it makes perfect sense to hide as much as possible.

Now, we sit and wait until some point this summer for "Yellowstone" season five to finish. I truly can't wait to continue this journey!

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