'Yellowstone' Season 5 Trailer Reveals Shocking Development

The first full trailer for "Yellowstone" season five is out, and there are major clues revealed for millions of fans.

People have been waiting around the clock for any information about the fifth season, and while there have been a few tidbits, nothing major has dropped.

Well, the trailer indicates one major thing has changed for John Dutton and his family. Fire it up below, and enjoy.

There is a time jump in the new season of "Yellowstone."

As many of the loyal OutKick readers know, I've been predicting a time jump in season five for awhile at this point.

In fact, it's the one theory I've ridden with above all other ones. The clues were there, and we knew something big had to happen after the season four cliffhanger.

Now, we know John Dutton is the new governor of Montana after throwing his hat in the race in season four. Do we think it's time for him to clean house? The answer is yes.

However, that's not the only interesting thing we noticed in the season five "Yellowstone" preview. It looks like Kayce is being drawn back into the ranch, which had been previously teased.

It's also incredibly on-brand for his character. You notice who we didn't see much of? Monica. Make of that what you want!

Colby and Ryan putting in work on the guns?

Colby and Ryan are two of the best characters on "Yellowstone," and both are criminally underrated. That might change in season five.

I can't tell for sure, but it definitely looks like the duo is on some rifles in the trailer.

More than anything, I'm super excited for season five to start November 13. It's been too long since we rode with the Duttons, and with John running the state, you know we're in for some chaos.

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