'Yellowstone' Recap: Viewers Broken By Powerful Death Scene

"Yellowstone" took fans for a crazy ride Sunday night.


The sixth episode of season five - "Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You" - was far from the most action-packed 60 minutes of Kevin Costner as John Dutton that we've ever seen, but it was still outstanding.

Let's run down the main takeaways.

John Dutton finding his friend Emmett dead was a punch to the gut.

Emmett wasn't a prominent character in "Yellowstone," but he represented the best of a show. He was a rancher clinging and fighting like hell for his way of life, just like his good friend John. He closed his eyes one last time after a great day of ranching and scenery and he didn't wake up.

Hearing John say, "I refuse to be sad about it. You should too," was a punch right to the gut. I recently lost my grandfather, and he grew up on a farm that was handed down for generations. He died as a happy, old man who had clung to the end without yielding an inch. He was a larger than life personality who looked death in the face and didn't flinch, and most importantly, he guarded what was his at all costs so that his children could carry it forward.

In many ways, those roots are why I find "Yellowstone" so entertaining, and watching that death scene honestly felt like maybe the most realistic scene in the show's history in terms of the connection people have to family, friends and the environments we make our homes.

I damn near lost at the scene where John told Emmett's wife her husband. An incredibly powerful scene that won't be forgotten for a long time.

Jamie continues to have the least self-control of anyone in the "Yellowstone" universe.

How can Jamie be so dumb? Seriously, how can Jamie Dutton - who is at times the smartest guy on the show - so unbelievably dumb when it comes to women?

Sarah Atwood pitches him the idea of making him governor to save Market Equities' airport plan. Given his history with the Duttons, you'd think he'd immediately say no.

Instead, she just flashes a little skin and without hesitation, Jamie seems sold. Is it really that easy? Jamie Dutton was supposed to inherit an empire. Instead, for the second time, the adopted Dutton son seems willing to throw all caution to the win if a woman bats her eyes and takes off her bra. Did she insinuate there was going to be another assassination attempt? If so, I'll admit that's a bit much. One assassination is crazy. Two is just too much, but overall Jamie's stupidity is just insane.

How can Jamie constantly screw up what should be an easy path? It just doesn't make sense. Having said that, Sarah Atwood is a complete and total savage. I'm here for it. I'm definitely here for it.

Rainwater has a major problem on his hands.

While Jamie might be a moron, one guy we know isn't on "Yellowstone" is Rainwater. Yet, Angela Blue Thunder has a plan of her own for the reservation.

She somehow convinced the President of the United States to visit the reservation in order to anoint a new leader. For the first time in a very long time (maybe the first time in the history of the series), it seems like Rainwater is fighting for his political life and the outlook might not be great.

If there was ever a time to team back up with John Dutton, it's probably right now.

Overall, it was a phenomenal episode that lacked action, but definitely took viewers on a crazy emotional ride. Now, we sit and wait for the halfway point of season one next Sunday. Should be a great time.

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