'Yellowstone' Recap: Is A Major Character's Fate Sealed?

All hell has officially broken loose in "Yellowstone."


The fourth episode of season five - "Horses in Heaven" - makes it clear that that is not just inevitable, but it's going to be ugly. Let's break it all down.

Beth and Jamie have hit another crisis point.

Jamie and Beth fighting isn't really anything new. It's a feature. Not a bug. "Yellowstone" fans are pretty split on the storyline, which is fueled by hatred stemming from an abortion and sterilization decades before current events.

Beth always vowed to take away Jamie's happiness and it looks like she found her avenue. Jamie, understanding he's playing a long game, helped Beth beat her assault charge.

By threatening the woman Beth beat up, the situation was more or less resolved.

How did Beth - maybe the most insufferable woman on TV - repay him? She found out Jamie has a son, and then vowed to take him from Jamie. Does this mean kill the kid? Take the kid in some kind of custody battle? Kill the baby mother? I'm honestly not sure, but it's clear Jamie's not going to let that happen.

As we all saw, it looked like he was going to kill her on the spot by running her over before pulling back at the last moment. Honestly, I was hoping he'd hit her. I've just about had enough of Beth at this point.

Jamie and Sarah Atwood got down and dirty.

As predicted, Market Equities' new pit bull and Jamie wasted no time before hammering it out in a bathroom stall at a fancy social club. As I said as soon as the pair had their first meeting, you could feel the sexual tension just oozing between them. He probably thinks it's legit. It's almost certainly not. She's playing a long con, and once again, he seems to dumb to recognize it.

We also know Beth got a photo of her ID, and she thinks Sarah's operating under a fake name. Let's just store that info in our back pocket and see what happens. As usual, Beth is scheming. I'm just not sure what the plan is yet.

John and Rainwater agree to a meeting in the latest "Yellowstone" episode.

Following Kayce and Monica burying their baby killed in the car accident, John and Rainwater agreed to sit down and talk.

Notably, the sit down is going to happen on the reservation due to people being "very unhappy" with the 300 jobs that were lost when John started canceling development plans after being sworn in.

We've seen John and Rainwater battle it out at times, and we've also seen them form uneasy alliances when it's necessary. Most notably, the two teamed up in season two to deal with Beck brothers and rescue Tate.

Is another deal on the horizon or is war imminent? Given the not-so-subtle threat Rainwater was given by Angela Blue Thunder, I'd say he needs an ally, not an enemy.

Other observations:

Overall, it wasn't the most fast-paced "Yellowstone" episode. The scenes between Beth and Jamie were the most important. Will she actually act on her threat? If she does, she'll turn the entire fanbase against her.

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