'Yellowstone' Prequel Adds Another Major Star To The Cast

"1923" continues to put together an incredible cast.

The second "Yellowstone" prequel will focus on the roots of the Dutton empire in Montana during the time of prohibition, disease and a historic drought, and Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are already attached as the two leads.

"Terminator 2: Judgement Day" star Robert Patrick recently joined the cast, and former "Game of Thrones" star Jerome Flynn is also now attached to the series, according to Deadline.

"1923" is coming together as Taylor Sheridan's latest juggernaut.

"Yellowstone" took the entertainment world by storm when it premiered in 2018, and "1883" was also a massive hit when it premiered in late 2021.

Everything Taylor Sheridan touches turns to gold, and there's no better example of that fact than "Yellowstone."

It's gritty, dark, sinister, violent, captivating and above all else, it's entertaining as all hell.

Following the insane success of the original series and the origin story, Sheridan is now giving fans "1923" with an absolutely loaded cast.

Imagine telling in 2018 that Harrison Ford would be in a prequel series just a few years later. Nobody would have believed you and rightfully so.

Ford, Mirren and Patrick are now joined by one of the best actors from "Game of Thrones." Flynn stole every scene he was in as Bronn.

He might not have one of the biggest stars on "GoT." However, he left a huge impression on fans.

"1923" is expected to drop this December on Paramount+, and I have no doubt it's going to be awesome. All Taylor Sheridan does is make hits. With the cast he's put together for this prequel series, it's impossible for it to be bad.

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