Wuhan, China Celebrates New Year's Eve With Packed Streets, No Restrictions

The message sent out by the Chinese, via Getty photographers in Wuhan, is that the city where the China virus originated is back to normal -- minus some people wearing masks -- and that means huge crowds in the streets to celebrate New Year's Eve. Revelers released balloons, kissed with their masks on, carried their children on their shoulders and did what people do on the big night.

China says there have been no recorded cases of community transmission since May 2020. That's right, Wuhan is back and has been back, (allegedly!). The country is so back that nightclubs were open, and there were reportedly "little restrictions on mixing indoors."

It has gotten to the point that Chinese locals are openly talking to foreign journalists about the situation.

“It’s fine because these measures aren’t enforced very strictly,” a resident told Yahoo News. “You can still go out.”

Meanwhile, in New York City, a crowd of what appeared to be a few dozen people in pods watched Cyndi Lauper end the year on a kooky note.  In Portland, Oregon, some residents celebrated by rioting. Europe was covered in restrictions, while police in Great Britain spent their night busting illegal parties.

(Photo by Getty Images)

(Photo by Getty Images)

(Photo by Getty Images)

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