Women On Social Media Are Beside Themselves Because Joe Burrow Won't Be Playing In The Super Bowl

Cincinnati Bengals fans aren't the only ones who are having a hard time getting over their AFC Championship Game loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Many women on social media are also having a hard time with this fact.

The loss means no trip to the Super Bowl for the Bengals. No Bengals in the Super Bowl means no Joe Burrow. That's where the disappointment comes in. It turns out the 26-year-old is a fan favorite among the ladies.

We got a taste of this ahead of the AFC Championship Game when a woman revealed that she repeatedly slides into Burrow's DMs. She also wanted his girlfriend to reveal what it was like to be with him.

"This is a message to Joe Burrow's girlfriend and Joe Burrow's girlfriend only," the woman said in the TikTok video.

"First of all, big sorry because I've been sliding into your man's DM's…. a lot," she continued. "But, please, like I ju… just tell me what it's like."

"Just give me something. Do it for the girls."

After the Bengals were bounced from the playoffs by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, many of the Burrow fans took to social media to express their collective disappointment.

Joe Burrow Fans Have Been Going Through It

Hang in there, ladies. This isn't the last we've seen of Joe Burrow. He's taken the Bengals to two straight AFC Championship Games and there's no reason to think he won't be there again before he calls it a career.

The best part is he's just getting started. And on top of that, his championship window is never closing. That's according to Burrow himself, who said last month, "The window's my whole career."

"And everybody we have in that locker room, all the coaches we have, things are gonna change year to year, but our window is always open."

So as tough as it is, there's no need to boycott this year's Super Bowl because Burrow won't be in it. You can do what the rest of us with no dog in the fight will be doing, rooting against Patrick Mahomes' family.

Even if the Chiefs win there are plenty of ways for the Mahomes family to an L. Until then, let it out ladies. Get your frustrations out then hate watch the Super Bowl like the rest of us.

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