Woman Pees All Over The Floor Instead Of Leaving Her Slot Machine For A Bathroom Break

Everyone knows that if you go to the casino and select a slot machine you can't walk away from it until you're completely drained of your money and your dignity. It's just bad luck to do so.

What happens when you get up to grab something to eat or use the bathroom? Someone is absolutely going to swoop in on your machine and win big. You can't risk that.

The pros know this. That's why they diaper up before hitting the casino for hours on end. Amateurs figure this valuable lesson out the hard way. No matter what, you never leave your seat. Not even for a quick trip to the bathroom.

The other casino people cannot be trusted. They're like vultures waiting for you to slip up and take that bathroom break. That's why you just let fly while you're guarding your slot machine.

You ride that hot streak until the tides turn or you sit there until you run into the next one.

It's a delicate science, and as this woman who was caught peeing on the floor demonstrates, you'd much rather be the lady that peed on the floor than the one who got up from her seat and had someone else hit it big on her machine.

If you made the mistake of thinking this was an isolated incident, and this woman was just caught on a bad night, I got some news for you. Hardcore casino people are a different brand of human.

This happens all the time. And diapering up is a real thing. The hardcore folks will not think twice about sitting down for several hours without any trips to the bathroom.

Be Careful Where You Choose To Sit At The Casino, There's A Chance Someone Was Peeing On The Floor From That Seat

The former casino workers who weighed in on this particular clip confirmed this. One commented, "Former casino worker here… This isn't unusual."

"They will wear diapers or urinate on the floor, but they will not get up from a machine they have fed money to for hours.."

Another said, "I used to work security for a Casino, if they weren't with a friend who could hold their spot or close to a bathroom they would do their bidness right there. I would go whole 12 hour shifts and watch people not budge an inch."

"Worked in the casino business for years," a third commented. "Happens a lot more than you would think. Even at the blackjack tables!"

There you have it, just your typical visit to a casino with adults urinating on the floor. Good times.

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