Woman Claims To Have Concrete Video Evidence Of A UFO, But Does It Add Up?

A woman claims she has irrefutable proof of a UFO hovering over Florida.

A lady by the name of Chivonne, who does have a decently large following on social media, shared a video allegedly showing a massive UFO hovering over Orlando around November 13.

Take a look at the video below, and judge for yourself what you think it might be. In her mind, it's "a f**king UFO."

Chivonne also uploaded several photos as further proof that she had dead to rights evidence of a UFO existing over the Orlando sky.

Was it actually a UFO?

First off, OutKick might have to start selling shirts that say, "I'm not tripping. That's a f**king UFO." Just an incredible line right at the start.

Having said that, I hate to play spoiler here, but that's absolutely not a UFO. While I appreciate Chivonne's energy, passion and intensity, let's try to have some common sense.

If there was a large unidentified flying object over a major metropolitan area, does anyone think we wouldn't immediately respond?

Fighter jets dispatched from MacDill or Eglin would be to Orlando in minutes, especially being sent from the former. A fighter from MacDill could get to Orlando in roughly five minutes. Maybe even quicker. Given the fact we live in a post-9/11 world, the government doesn't play around with possible threats in the sky. If anyone actually thought that was a UFO, there would have been something - helicopters or planes - dispatched immediately.

Now, what could have been up in the sky? Honestly, I think this one is pretty simple. It looks like lights being projected into the sky in some kind of pattern.

If you noticed, it didn't appear to move. Whatever it was up in the sky, it was completely stationary. At the very least, it appeared that way. For that reason alone, you can probably rule out a UFO.

I often entertain a lot of UFO theories, but this one simply doesn't pass the smell test. I'm going to need more than lights in the sky. I'm going to need a lot more than just that to buy a UFO theory.

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