Woman Claims She Stopped Taking Birth Control & Now She's Bisexual & Loving Life

What a moment in the annals of Internet history -- an Australian woman claims she turned bisexual after ending her use of birth control. That's right, a smoking hot Instagram woman is now getting down with another smoking hot Instagram model, and quitting the pill cold turkey is getting all the credit here.

Tessa Bona, 30, says she spent well over a decade taking her pill and dating men. It was a fairly ordinary life with what sounds like an ordinary boyfriend.

But that relationship ended and she got off the contraceptive.

The results speak for themselves. See...the... embedded photos...below.

Tessa is now in love with 24-year-old dime piece Phoebe Chakar.

“I had never given women a go romantically; I never really thought that was for me,” the lovebird told an Australian news outlet. “But once I got off the pill, everything changed … All of a sudden, men were just not attractive to me.”

Just how fast does one go from taking the pill, to stopping the pill to wanting to get down with hot women?

Tessa says three weeks -- that's it.

“I felt like an entirely different person,” the newly annointed hot bisexual dime piece explained. “I had so much more energy, I was excited about life.”

It took about a month before Tessa connected with Chakar.

“It was love at first sight,” Tessa confessed. “Phoebe is the absolute love of my life, I couldn’t be happier. It’s a totally different dynamic to being with a man. She is my best friend, and I love every second I spend with her.

“It breaks my heart to think this might never have happened if I was still on the pill."

What a run it has been lately for hot lesbians. In November, hot beauty pageant lesbians, Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico, announced they had married and had formed a flaming hot lesbian life together.

Is it possible the pill has prevented other hot women from finding each other and creating hot Instagram content?

Tessa believes so.

“When I was on the pill and in relationships with men, I thought I wanted to settle down, have kids and get married,” she added. “But since coming off the pill, it’s like my brain is so much clearer. That’s not what I want at all.

“I feel like the pill can turn you into a dull person if you’ve been on it too long. I think every woman should take a break from it, if they want to, and see how they feel.”

There you go, ladies.

You could stop taking the pill in February and find yourself hooking up with hot lesbian Arizona State Instagram models over Spring Break in Cabo.

You make the call.

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