Woman Arrested For Being 'Too Good Looking' Accused Of Killing Her Mother

A Las Vegas woman, who claimed she was arrested for being too good looking, is back in the news. This time, the allegations against the woman are more serious in nature. She has been accused of killing her mother.

28-year-old Hend Bustami was arrested early Wednesday morning in Barstow, California at around 5:30 a.m. The arrest came hours after police say she called them to report her mother's death.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a call at around 2:30 a.m. from a woman who said her mother was dead. When police arrived on the scene they found an unresponsive 62-year-old woman suffering from multiple lacerations.

Not Too Good Looking To Kill?

According to a statement, police say that medical personnel also responded to the call. They pronounced the woman deceased at the scene.

The homicide investigators determined that the victim was involved in a verbal dispute with her daughter prior to her death.

Following her arrest on Wednesday in California, Bustami was being held by the California Highway Patrol. She will be charged with open murder and extradited back to Nevada.

Bustami was previously arrested at the Harry Reid International Airport in Vegas. She was accused then of leaving a Chili's without paying for her food. During that arrest, it was discovered that she had a warrant.

The arrest made headlines when she accused officers of being perverts and claiming she was being harassed because they had never seen anyone as pretty as her. She also said officers were attempting to rape her "because they never seen anyone as good looking."

Obviously, none of those headline-making accusations were true. That hasn't changed. Increasing the severity of her alleged crimes hasn't made her any better looking.

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