Woke Losers Rex Chapman, Keith Olbermann Mock and Make Sexist Jokes About Police Evacuating Tomi Lahren From Building

Last week, police had to evacuate OutKick personality Tomi Lahren out of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque as violent protesters pounded on the door of the room in which she gave a speech. Lahren and her father had to barricade themselves in a back room as campus police called for backup. The protesters also harassed students. Lahren explained the event here

Speaking of white supremacy, do you know who seems like a bit of a white supremacist? Rex Chapman for using the N-word on Twitter:

Not good, Rex. Now, go cancel yourself. Those are the woke rules. As for Keith Olbermann -- there really isn't much left to cancel, is there? #EndSexism. #WeStandAgainstViolence. #FWhiteSupremacy. #LonelybutLooking. Okay, that last one was only for Olbermann.

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