Where Are The Women? Why We Have To Break The Silence In The Fight For Women's Spaces | Amber Harding

Just over a month ago, I wrote a column about the war against biological women.

When I wrote it, I braced myself for attacks from activists calling me a transphobe, a bigot, a hateful right-wing fascist, all the buzz words they love. And of course, I did get a few of those.

But to my surprise, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Countless women and men thanked me for speaking out. They expressed their anger over the infiltration of biological men in female spaces and their concern about the erasure of women's sports in the name of "inclusion."

But here's the problem: Many of these messages of support came privately in my DMs or via text message. They are happy that a few people like me are shouldering this fight because they are too afraid — for various reasons — to do it themselves.

But the silence has to stop. And on Thursday night, we found out why.

Former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines was violently assaulted at San Francisco State University. She had arrived on campus to give a speech on protecting women's sports. But instead of civil discourse, she was met with a mob of trans activists who held her hostage in a hallway.

Then, a grown man in a dress physically assaulted her.

I'm done being nice. Actually, I passed that point a long time ago.

I'm pissed.

And you should be, too.

Where are the women?

If you had told me a year ago the entire country would be viciously fighting about transgender "women" — that it would be the No. 1 issue in the United Stated today — I would have laughed at you and reminded you that gas is $6 a gallon.

But here we are.

Biological men are honored on ESPN for their success in women's sports. A man pretending to be a little girl is showered with millions of dollars in corporate sponsorships for outwardly mocking women. And people like Riley Gaines are physically beaten for simply acknowledging biological reality.

So how did we get here? How did we reach this level of insanity?

OutKick founder Clay Travis asked an important question just a few days ago: Why do biological women allow this to happen?

"Is it because women are worried about being nice? Afraid of what other women will say? So obsessed with tolerance that they will allow the erasure of their sex?" he tweeted.

Someday, historians will look back on the image of Drew Barrymore kneeling at the feet of Dylan Mulvaney and ask those very same questions.

The movement may have started with empty mantras like "Women support women!" and "Trans women are women!"

But now it's a whole lot deeper than that. It's turned into something far more sinister.

Women are afraid. And they have reason to be.

Biological women are under attack.

Let's take a quick look at just a few of the prominent women who have spoken out against this madness.

Rowling has what the kids call "F you money." Most of us don't have that. Most regular women can't risk losing our jobs or compromising our safety to fight for the cause.

I'm lucky to work for a company that supports my right to speak freely. Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same.

Even the United States government is against us.

In October, the White House invited Dylan Mulvaney to have a sit-down conversation with President Joe Biden. And on Mulvaney's "365th day of girlhood," Kamala Harris sent Mulvaney a letter to congratulate the TikTok star on "living authentically" and "courageously."

This week, the Biden Administration proposed a set of Title IX rules to expand the meaning of sexual discrimination to include gender identity. This would prevent schools and colleges from barring biological male athletes from competing on female sports teams. 

And just days after a transgender extremist gunned down six innocent people — including three children — in Nashville, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took the podium and declared the transgender community is "under attack."

The so-called "attack" on trans people — notably, transgender women — is a major talking point for news outlets like NPR, CNN and MSNBC. When in reality, this tiny percentage of the population is the most protected group of people in the United States today.

Transgender women have a free pass to do whatever they want.

Enter female sports events and win all the trophies? You go, girl! Walk around with your penis out in the locker room in front of women and children? So brave! Openly mock women and physically attack anyone who has a problem with it? Yes, queen!

The bullies have made themselves the victims.

And they have the full backing of the Biden Administration and every major corporation in the country.

It's time to break the silence.

While Riley Gaines has been at the forefront of the fight to protect women's sports, she's not alone. Personalities like Michele Tafoya, Sage Steele and Megyn Kelly have fearlessly defended the right of women to have their own spaces.

And in the wake of Thursday's attack, even ESPN anchor Sam Ponder finally broke her silence.

But it's going to take a whole lot more than that.

As of my writing of this column, ESPN hasn't published a single story about Thursday's attack on Gaines. The White House hasn't come to her defense. No big company has offered to sponsor her in her efforts.

And they won't.

Which is why it's going to be up to regular people like you and me to end this war on biological women.

But men, this is your fight, too.

What happened to Riley could happen to your wife, your daughter or your sister. You owe it to the females in your life to help protect their spaces.

The left loves the catchphrase, "Silence is violence." Well, I can't think of a better example than what is happening to women right now.

Because at the very least, silence is complicity.

Stop purchasing from corporations that hate you. Stop voting for politicians who care more about virtue signaling than women's safety. And when you see an injustice, stop turning a blind eye.

So we're clear: I am not condoning violence of any kind.

I am encouraging you to use your voice to bring common sense and sanity back into the national conversation.

The "trans women are women" crowd never shuts up.

The rest of us need to bring that same energy.