Walmart Employees Fight Over Manager Who Allegedly Slept With Both

Every visit to Walmart has the potential to turn into a wild adventure. You never know what might happen when you walk through the doors. The store is the gift that keeps on giving.


This week shoppers at a Walmart in Georgia were treated to a love triangle between employees gone wrong. Two women got into it in front of customers over a manager at the store who allegedly slept with both of them.

The first video from the shouting match is titled "Part 1 of Walmart shenanigans." The caption reads, "Walmart in Morrow, Ga. auntie say the manager sleeping with the employees."

Having a shouting match in the middle of the store surrounded by customers is one thing. Picking up a store phone and jumping on the intercom to air your dirty laundry is on another level.

The Walmart Difference

That's exactly what went down in "Part 2 of Walmart shenanigans." One of the Walmart employees involved in the love triangle hopped on the store's intercom and put the business out there.

She said, "Attention all Walmart associates. Wayne… from OGP has been having a constant affair... They've been trying to hide it. That's why she wear a mask."

"He tried to sleep with me," she continued. "Walmart keep coming up for what you stand for, that means you stand for it. You know better but you continue to stand for it."

Another employee finally walks over and attempts to take the phone away from her. She hangs it up and adds, "F**k all y’all" as she walks out of the store.

I told you, you never know when a normal visit will turn into a wild adventure.

This is one of the better "fights" I've seen that didn't involve any punches being thrown. Stay weird Walmart. I love feeling like I've traveled to another dimension when I walk through the door.

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