Vikings Player Rips Taylor Heinicke's Celebration, Claims He Couldn't Hold Kirk Cousins' Jockstrap

Minnesota Vikings defensive back Kris Boyd wasn't impressed by Taylor Heinicke's celebration after beating the Eagles.

The journeyman quarterback rocked some chains and hammered Busch Light on the team plane after ruining Philly's perfect season. It was an awesome moment, and it definitely reminded people of Kirk Cousins' recent shirtless celebration.

Apparently, that's a problem for Boyd. Cousin's teammate tweeted that Heinicke and the Commanders should "stop trynna f*cking be us" and that the Washington QB "couldn't hold Kirk jockstrap."

It's worth noting the celebrations weren't the exact same. Kirk Cousins popped his shirt off and danced with some chains on.

Taylor Heinicke, in my humble opinion, had a much better celebration. Why? It's pretty simple. The guy who incorporates Busch Light always wins.

Cousins' celebration for the Vikings was fun. Heinicke's was much better.

Either way, why did Boyd think this tweet was necessary? Is dancing with chains now exclusively owned by Kirk Cousins?

I'm not a lawyer, but it seems like he might have some trouble actually defending that position. It's the NFL. People are going to party.

Again, Taylor Heinicke managed to mix in some beers. That automatically makes him substantially cooler. Not only did he mix in some beers, but he did it with Busch Light. A true man of the people.

Let the Commanders and the team's QB have their fun. It's what the fans want to see.