Video Shows Massive Shark Near Unsuspecting Swimmer

One swimmer nearly caught the surprise of a lifetime while enjoying a quick dip.

A swimmer in the water at Whitfords Beach in Australia was just soaking up some sun without a car in the world.

Well, no cares in the world other than the fact a gigantic tiger shark appeared in interested in checking out the scene. Fortunately, the shark didn't seem interested in acting out a scene from "Jaws" and left without causing any problems.

Sharks a big part of the animal thunderdome.

As OutKick readers all know, the animal thunderdome isn't something to be messed with. Clay covered the freak encounters for years on the site, and now, it seems like we only have more crazy interactions between nature and humans.

Whether it's a dude throwing bullets at a crazed animal or sharks getting too close for comfort, the animal thunderdome it's a game.

It's real and it can go south on you real fast.

In this situation, that person truly appeared to have no idea a massive tiger shark was closing in on their position.

If they did know, then they have ice in their veins. You need guts of absolute steel to see a shark of that size and not flee to safety. Well, you either need guts of steel or you need to be an absolute idiot.

Here's some free life advice to keep you all out of an early grave. If you see a shark of any size coming your way, get out of the water ASAP. If you find yourself in a boat and "Jaws" is unfolding right in front of your eyes, open fire.

To whatever it takes to survive the animal thunderdome.

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