Upcoming JFK Assassination Movie Features Star-Studded Cast, Will Have Heavy Focus On The Mob

An upcoming film with a loaded cast will take a look at whether or not organized crime played a role in John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Conspiracy theories have circulated for decades about whether or not the version of events - that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter - is the truth. Pretty much everyone you meet has a theory about JFK being shot in Dallas in 1963.

One of the most popular theories that's floated is that the mafia plays a role. The two motivating factors for this theory is Kennedy didn't do enough to get their assets in Cuba back or the mob was involved as a reaction to the crackdowns, despite allegedly helping him in Illinois.

I'm not saying either of those are true or you should believe it. Those are simply popular theories. Well, that's exactly what will be covered in the upcoming film "Assassination."

A new JFK assassination movie is on the way.

Deadline reported the cast includes Viggo Mortensen, Al Pacino, John Travolta and Shia LaBeouf and will be told from the mob's perspective.

"Assassination will retell the fateful murder of John F. Kennedy from the mob’s point of view, reimagining his death as a hit ordered by Chicago mob kingpin Sam Giancana as payback for JFK’s attempt to undermine the mob after they helped get him elected (that thread formed a big part of Oliver Stone’s JFK)," Deadline reported. No release date is known at this time.

Sam Giancana is a major figure in JFK assassination theories, but no concrete evidence has ever surfaced tying him to the murder. Giancano also served under Tony Accardo, who is probably the most powerful and influential gangster in American history. Unlike Al Capone, Accardo was smart enough to go unnoticed and Giancana was a major figure in his outfit.

The cast for the film is loaded, and the topic is fascinating.

This JFK film is going to have absolutely monster expectations. It's nearly 60 years since the former President was murdered in Dallas while in his motorcade.

The video of his head getting shot to this day is still discussed and debated. Now, a true all-star cast has been assembled to cover the theory that organized crime elements in Chicago played puppet masters for the assassination of America's leader.

Again, I'm not going to debate the different theories endlessly here, but you can go ahead and take the money right out of my wallet for any JFK assassination film featuring Al Pacino, Viggo Mortensen, John Travolta and Shia LaBeouf.

Don't even ask. Just go ahead and grab that cash right out of my wallet. I can't buy a ticket fast enough.

People have been obsessed with JFK's murder for the last 59+ years, and you can guarantee they will be for decades to come. With every TV show and movie that comes out, interest only grows. This film is without question going to be worth the wait and price of admission with the cast involved.

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