Ukrainian Paratrooper Goes Full 'Red Dawn,' Obliterates Russian Tank By Himself

A Ukrainian paratrooper with guts of absolute steel destroyed a Russian tank all by himself.

In an absolutely insane video circulating social media, a Ukrainian paratrooper from the 95th Air Assault Brigade gave a Russian tank the business, and it's the definition of war porn.

The paratrooper emerged from the woods behind the tank, fired an anti-tank weapon and turned the armored vehicle into a ball of fire.

Ukraine continues to resist Russia.

This is a classic example of playing stupid games, and winning stupid prizes. If you're going to invade a country, you better be ready for some brutal resistance.

The war has been going on since February, and the Ukrainians continue to fight like absolute dogs. Not only did this guy fight like a true hero, he went full "Red Dawn" on the Russian invaders.

He didn't wait for a bunch of people to back him up. The brave Ukrainian didn't wait for air support. He just rushed out from the woods and obliterated the enemy target all byself.

I wonder if he's able to get through a standard doorway with stones that big. For the record, the T-80 tank is one of the most advanced vehicles in the Russian arsenal. It is a beast of a machine.

It just wasn't much of a match for a single Ukrainian doing his best Robert impression from "Red Dawn."

Let's hope the Ukrainians continue to fight until the bitter end against the invaders. If there's one thing "Red Dawn" taught millions of Americans when it came out in 1984, your only option is to fight. That's exactly what Ukraine has done, and that won't change soon.

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